AEW Cody Rhodes – The Speech We Needed

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We often hear celebrities and sports stars share their opinions on something, but most of the time it’s just them proving they’re out of touch with the rest of society. Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, called for unity.

Sure, he did so for the sake of the current storylines, but he also spoke what we need to hear as a people. We’ve become so divided that when someone we disagree with says we need to come together, we shout them down and look for reasons to hate and increase our divide.

The speech

This is only the first minute or so of Cody Rhodes’ speech as the rest was building their storyline, but it drives the point home.

“I have never thought of my world as small before. But recent events have put it in perspective how small we all are. It has also clarified for me how big, and how important the service we provide is.

“And the irony in what I’m about to ask is not lost on me, because I’m about to ask three of the best athletes in the world to discard their petty differences; to put aside their squabbles and to stand together. The irony it being March 18, 2020 and us as human beings need to stand together. And for many of us, that will mean standing at a distance

“We have to be informed. We have to be held responsible by health and science, but there is a profound difference in that versus living in a prison of fear, and I refuse to live in fear ‘cause that’s not living at all. And I don’t know about you watching at home, but I feel alive and I hope you feel alive.”

Entertainment does have its place

Entertainment, especially professional wrestling, is often derided as a waste of time or not real entertainment. And that’s fine; we each have our opinions.

But when everything is shut down and they continue to provide a service in an empty arena it’s providing us an escape. It’s giving us something to focus on that we love. It gives us a break from our daily routine where we can sit back and enjoy ourselves.

Whether our preferred entertainment is movies, television shows, or sports, they’re all welcome and appreciated.

And every so often they share an important message that isn’t about grandstanding or trying to convince us what we should think, but one that appeals to the better part of ourselves we often lose touch with for various reasons.

Even if we don’t like Cody Rhodes or AEW, his message is something we all need to hear.

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