AEW Teases Breakup Of The Elite On Latest Episode Of ‘Being The Elite’

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AEW Teases Breakup Of The Elite On Latest Episode Of 'Being The Elite'

While major storyline events will always take place on major AEW programming, Being The Elite is still where we will see the seeds planted and cultivated for future storylines. Lately, they have spotlighted the tension between Hangman Page and the rest of The Elite. Despite being the tag team partner of Kenny Omega and a longtime member of the group, his time could be coming soon.

The Turn Was Teased At AEW Revolution

Following the incredible tag team championship match of Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution, it seemed that they had worked their issues out during this intense match up. However, things remained tense in the post match celebrations. Kenny Omega would embrace the Young Bucks, leaving Hangman Page standing alone briefly. In that moment, they were in perfect position for a Triple Superkick, a signature move of the trio. Nothing happened in that moment, but fans took notice. Just minutes later when Kenny Omega was getting ready to leave the ring, he would turn to Hangman Page on the outside, who was gripping the rope as he would before his Buckshot Lariat. This was also noticed heavily by fans.

This simple visual storytelling was brought up for Being The Elite, as they spoke about their already fabled ‘Six Star Match’. Kenny & Hangman were both separately asked if they watched the match back, and both were aware about the other could have turned on them; but they didn’t.

Will The Elite Shatter After Blood & Guts?

The War Game style match has lost it’s venue, but it seems AEW is planning to still run their War Games style match. They have a week to plan the details, but many have assumed this match is the final ride of The Elite. It will be an intense experience, and that could be enough to make the tension between the various members of The Elite turn into their downfall. Ever since The Inner Circle made their debut, they have seemingly had the number of The Elite, making it very fitting that they could be the ones to finally break them.

Do you think The Elite will be able to survive Blood & Guts? Who would be the one to finally turn on the group? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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