Andrade def. Humberto Carrillo | WWE Elimination Chamber Results

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Andrade def. Humberto Carrillo | WWE Elimination Chamber Results

WWE Elimination Chamber rolls on with this US title match between Andrade and Humberto Carrillo!

WWE United States Championship: Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carillo

Immediate whiffed knee into the spinning elbow for a nearfall!! That was quick. Back body drop, stomps. Elbow to the shin of Humberto, elbow to the face. Humberto fights back, standing dropkick, clothesline takes Andrade to the outside! Slams him against the barricade! Throws him into the ring, cover for 2. Andrade surprises him with a knee to the gut, whip to the corner, Carrillo with a springing crossbody from the corner for a nearfall! Springboard Lucha Arm Drag from Humberto! But Andrade snaps his arm into the ropes from the outside, back into the ring for a basement dropkick! Tranquilo pose!

Champ grabs an arm, alternates between shoulder breakers and back elbows to the face, gets him down with a Fujiwara Armbar! Smacks him in the back of the head, Humberto fights back up, Wheelbarrow Armdrag but a ruthless charging back elbow puts him down! Throws Humberto to the floor… grabs for the mat. Humberto stops him but he slams him spinefirst into the post! Throws Carrillo into the barricade! Rolls back in and tries for a ten count. Makes it in at 9 and eats a charging boot to the face. Andrade continues working over the arm. Hammers in forearms, wants a monkey flip against the ropes but Carrillo just dumps him out to the floor! Dang!

He slips back in wearily but gets taken down with a Jawbreaker, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Springboard Dropkick! Handsprings into a moonsault, Andrade rolls out of the way, Humberto lands on his feet but a roll-up sends him headfirst onto the bottom buckle! Zelina yells “Si!” as Andrade smacks his knees. Charges for the Meteora but Carrillo escapes that, ducks the spinning elbow, takes him to the apron but the champ stops him with a forearm. Goes up top – Carrillo clips him with an enziguri! Pursues, wants a superplex. Champ fights back, wicked knife edge chop! Carrillo with a headbutt back! Both standing… Avalancha Hurricarana!! Crawls over for the cover, nearfall!! Crowd really got behind that one.

“This Is Awesome” chant rings out as Humberto drags him closer to another corner. Goes up top! Moonsault missed, rolls through but an arm drag sends him right into the corner, landing hard! And there is the Meteora!! Andrade pulls him out for the cover, nearfall! Zelina Vega now pulling the cover off the floor, exposing the concrete! Humberto thrown out onto the floor. Andrade trying for the Hammerlock DDT onto the concrete but Carrillo reverses with a back body drop! Carrillo hits the ropes, leaps over the ref with a tope! Throws him back into the ring, top rope crossbody but Andrade rolls through for a nearfall! Carrillo with a La Magistral, cradles exchanged for nearfalls, keeps going until the champ grabs a handful of tights for the win!

Winner: Andrade

Man, I really didn’t think he’d just beat him again. Wonder if we are just straight-up getting Rey/Andrade at Mania… actually, a fatal four way is starting to make sense… either way, really good stuff.

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