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Cody def. Jimmy Havoc | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite begins! We transition quickly to our opening match, Cody taking on Jimmy Havoc.

Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc

We begin with some chain wrestling, Havoc gets a big arm drag, exchange of sunset flips for 1 counts. Havoc offers a handshake, Cody takes him up on it. Jimmy gets him with a punch to the face, grinds him against the ropes with the boot. Cody fights back out, Jimmy gets him with a heymaker! Cody ducks a clothesline, Springboard Cutter! Cinches in a figure four leglock! Jimmy struggles, reaches and grabs at the ear of Cody, yanking it to try and force a break. Rakes the eyes to get the escape. Cody dumps Havoc to the floor. Takes some water to his eyes. Hits the ropes, suicide dive! Havoc slammed into the barrier with that one. Cody tosses him into the stands. Backstage, we see the heel locker room basically rooting on Jimmy Havoc.

Cody throws Jimmy into the ring as Chris Jericho starts a Havoc chant. Jimmy takes over with a knee to the gut, pulls him over to the announce table and slams his face into it. Jimmy grabs the headset and talks some trash, grabs Cody by the tongue and hits an uppercut! Cody staggers back into the ring, Jimmy follows and Cody gets him with an uppercut of his own. Havoc with a Japanese Arm Drag taking him into the corner, and then a snap suplex into the buckles! Heel locker room loves it. Havoc takes him down, stomps the arm!

Havoc takes Cody into the corner, rips at his face. Cody back body drops Jimmy right onto the ramp! Cody pulls him to his feet, suplexes him right onto the top rope and lets him fall back down to the ramp. Cody walks up, through the tunnel to backstage… he rushes back in to get a big head of steam, clothesline over the top rope! Arm drag, toss-away suplex. Cody strips off the weight belt and tosses it to Brandi. Springboard, Havoc catches him out of the air with a cross armbreaker! Jericho and the heels cheering him on as Cody tries to fight out, gets him on his shoulders for a bit only for a 1 count.

Cody breaks the hold, blocks a kick, Jimmy catches a punch, up kick to the shoulder, down with another armbar, working over the hand. Cody makes it to the bottom rope to break. Short-Arm Clothesline for a nearfall! Jimmy wants the Corner Ten Punches, Cody escapes between the legs, Reverse Superplex! Cody is favoring the arm, but he pulls him to his feet, Cross Rhodes! And then a second one for the hell of it, that’s the win!

Winner: Cody

Backstage the heels are mad, but Billy Gunn apparently won a ton of money off that! Solid work as always.

We then see a video of Jake Roberts in front of a campfire talking about how Lance Archer is chomping at the bit just to get in the ring with somebody from All Elite Wrestling. Jake gets bleeped a few times. Talks about how AEW began last year, it was gonna be something never seen before, giving the people what they wanted. But he takes issue with it, after all Roberts is the greatest mind in wrestling and he didn’t get a phone call. Says Archer has been romping and stomping… maybe that’s the issue, they saw what he was doing and didn’t want any part of it. Asks Cody to give him a shot, one time… “trust me”. Cody looks none too pleased.

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