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AEW Dynamite begins with a cold open. Hangman Page makes it clear that he would never team with Matt Jackson… his partner stays a mystery. Cody taking on Ortiz in singles action!

Cody vs. Ortiz

Ortiz and Cody charge at each other, both evade the other, rolling headbutt gets Cody in the gut but he responds with a Standing Dropkick. “Let’s go Cody” chant as he escapes Ortiz in the corner, Snap Powerslam for a 1 count. From the crowd, comes Jake Roberts and he’s got Lance Archer behind him! Chant of “Holy Sh*t” as Ortiz takes advantage of the distraction. Cactus Clothesline takes the both of them to the outside! Ortiz slams Cody into the barricade. Cody reverses a whip to send him right into the steps! Santana stands before Ortiz to block Cody from keeping up the attack for a moment.

Still he drags him into the ring, hits a neckbreaker to get a 2 count. Meanwhile Jake and Lance are now in the front row watching intently. “Jake The Snake” chant, very loud one. Ortiz with a kick to the gut, makes the tiger claw gestures. As he’s distracting himself, Cody gets him with the Dustin Uppercut! Ortiz grabs the referee Paul Turner, Santana on the apron to distract Cody, Ortiz gets him with a kick to the leg to clip him! Ortiz charges, gets a Kitchen Sink knee! But Cody’s leg is bothering him now.

Tries to get the boot up off a charge, Ortiz grabs the leg and smashes it! Hooks him, vertical suplex, floatover for the 2 count. Ortiz throws Cody out of the ring and distracts the ref as Santana gets Cody with the loaded sock! Arn Anderson whirls around to yell at them, they send Cody back into the ring. Ortiz hits the ropes, Planking Splash for a nearfall. That one always gets me. Ortiz grinds a boot against Cody’s throat. Stomps him into the corner and keeps on a-grinding.

Ortiz dances around the ring and gets some major heat. Stomps on the bum leg of Cody. Cody fights his way back with clotheslines, suplex lands flush! Corner Ten Punches commence and he gets every last one of them! As Cody leaps back, Ortiz is staggered! He strips off the weight belt and the crowd rises high as he tosses them out into the crowd! Goes up top but Ortiz crotches him! Pursues, wants a superplex but he tosses Ortiz away! Santana now grabbing Cody’s legs! But Brandi gets him with a whack of her belt! Ortiz still gets Cody with the superplex however, nearfall!

Santana bickers with Arn Anderson, Cody ducks a clothesline and surprises Santana with a suicide dive! Ortiz chases him, but gets a Front Suplex right onto the ramp! Lance Archer wants to jump the rail but Roberts keeps him back. Cody took note of this, rolled into the ring, low dropkick to the bum leg, Ortiz gets him with a Fisherman’s Suplex, veerrrry close nearfall! Jake Roberts takes Lance Archer away it seems.

Cody misses a Disaster Kick, exchange of roll-throughs, Cross-Rhodes attempt but Ortiz knees his way out of it. Dragonscrew across the ropes from Cody! Then he gets that leg stuck in the ropes, stomps them to the mat! Gets the trip, into the Figure Four! “Tap” chant! Ortiz rolls over, but it’s reversed again and Ortiz taps out!

Winner: Cody

Afterwards, Santana takes the Madball to Cody! Arn Anderson into the ring to try and keep him out… Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega here to back him up as well! Kenny’s got a cast on his hand still, big chant of “Kenny”. Up on the screen, we see the rest of the Inner Circle. Chris Jericho says to not forget that Le Champion has the entire roster on notice and in a couple of weeks, they’ll beat the hell out of all of the dipsh*ts. Mentions that they might be asking where Nick Jackson is… well, he’s got a little bit of a headache. Or perhaps a whole body ache!

Camera pans out, Nick’s been caught under a shutter door!

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