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AEW Dark rolls on, there is zero filler on this one, just one fresh match after another. In our next bout, we have the only bout between two AEW mainstays as Brandon Cutler takes on Colt Cabana. Cutler continues his enduring, endearing quest for his first singles win. Cutler rolls a 15! Some high initiative. As Cabana comes out, he grabs the dice and takes it to the announce table just to let them roll as well. Excalibur rolled a 13, Taz is angry that he stole his gimmick!

Brandon Cutler vs. Colt Cabana

Cabana and Cutler shake hands as the match begins. Colt gets him with a takedown, arm drag and he’s celebrating, parading around the ring yelling “Thank you!” as Cutler stands. Cabana offers his hand, Cutler accepts the wristlock, Colt reverses and gets him with another arm drag. He again starts parading around celebrating. Cutler is getting progressively aggravated. Cutler offers an arm now. Colt stares for a bit, casually gets him with an arm drag and turns to the camera to talk about how arrogant that was to try.

Colt offers the arm again, Brandon grabs for it, they both try and grapple for position, this time Cutler finally gets the arm drag! Colt offers again, this time Cutler doesn’t take it, leap frogs over him, whip to the corner, Colt springs off, Cabana ducks a shot, sends Cutler to the corner, Brandon flips off the top behind him, gets the arm drag and cinches in the arm wringer! That was like two straight minutes dedicated to arm drag spots. Wrist locks in, Cabana asks, “Do you want me to help you get a win?” and Cutler just decks him in the face.

Colt takes Cutler the outside, starts clapping but seems disappointed by the lack of audience. As Colt slips out, Cutler slips in, suicide dive! Throws him back in, wants a springboard attack, but Colt just steps out of the way to let him crash and burn, then acts like it was a total accident. Pulls him up, nails him with the Bionic Elbow, leaps forward for the Superman Pin, smiles brightly as he gets the three!

Winner: Colt Cabana

Colt gets the win. His shtick here is kinda funny and I can immediately see how he can be played in different ways. Against a heel in Avalon, he was like Bugs Bunny messing with a hapless villain and it was easy to root for him. But when he does it to a face who’s just looking for a clean fight, he comes off like a complete jerk. Cutler shakes his hand afterwards anyway though.

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