Daniel Bryan def. Drew Gulak | WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

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Daniel Bryan def. Drew Gulak | WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

WWE Elimination Chamber begins with Daniel Bryan making his way out for a match against Philly’s own Drew Gulak!

Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak

Chain wrestling sequence to start, Drew actually takes Bryan by surprise by getting the advantage early on. Bryan hooks Gulak into a single leg Boston Crab until Gulak reverses! “Daniel Bryan” chant spurs him to the ropes, he fights to the apron. Gulak out there too to holler at him. Daniel actually rolls from the ring to get some heat, perhaps hoping to get people more behind the hometown boy. Indeed when he rolls back in a quiet “Let’s Go Bryan/Let’s Go Drew” chant starts, Gulak gets him with a takedown but Bryan gets him down… grabs at the nose to try and work him towards a Surfboard.

But no, Gulak gets to his knees to send him off! Grabs the ankle, spins into a Heel Hook! And now he’s got the legs trapped! Bryan shouts “No” but Gulak gets him in the Surfboard! Elevated high here! Bryan fights out of it, kick to the thigh! Bryan tries another legkick but Gulak grabs it, knife edge chops! Chops exchanged, Gulak stops him with a Dragon Screw Legwhip! Working over the leg now! Bryan with forearms, Gulak gets him with a legscissor… Bryan handstands, but Gulak turns the hold into a short piledriver of sorts, just spiking him on his head!

Gulak gets him by the chin, pulls him up onto his back and spins with him to work the neck, slams him down wildly for a nearfall! Gulak with another big chop! “Daniel Bryan” chant tries to kick up again but Gulak’s just so clearly in control here. Gulak trying a suplex, keeps getting blocked. Bryan reverses but now we have the suplex over the top rope that sends both men spilling to the floor! Ten count starts, they’re both in at 8. Bryan with some bruises on his back after this fight.

Bryan fights out of the corner, flies at Gulak but is caught with a wicked Saito Suplex for a nearfall! Bryan favoring his neck and his arm is twitching… Drew with a full nelson hooked in. Another Bryan chant as he fights to his feet… rolls up for 2, blocks a clothesline and wants a Full Nelson of his own, Gulak rolls through but eats a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall! Continue fighting a waistlock, Drew whips around him for a German! They keep fighting but Drew just tosses him with another German Suplex that lands him brutally onto his head! Absolutely brutal and Bryan rolls from the ring!

Daniel struggling to get back… rolls in right before ten, Gulak covers for a nearfall! Bryan with his flip out of the corner, flying clothesline! He’s twitching still! Exchange of shots, Bryan with a couple of uppercuts, takes him to the corner for a series of high kicks! Takes him up top but Gulak slips between his legs and crotches him! Pursues, hooks, Dragon Superplex!! And Gulak rolls back into a Gulock! Brutal elbows while it’s in! Bryan fights up, reverses into the Yes Lock! Drew passes out from the hold and that is that!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Hot dayam that was fantastic. Straight-up New Japan or oldschool Ring of Honor match there. Daniel Bryan should definitely get to just make his own matches more often. My goodness.

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