Death Triangle def. Private Party & Joey Janela | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

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Death Triangle def. Private Party & Joey Janela | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite continues, with the Death Triangle now facing off with Joey Janela and Private Party!

Death Triangle vs. Joey Janela & Private Party

Loud “Ciero Miedo” chant as the match starts. PAC and Kassidy are to start out, but the Death Triangle swarms and knocks the faces to the floor to assault them! PAC yells at Kassidy throws him to the ropes, he ducks under his legs, leap frogs and rolls, floatovers, arm drag from Kassidy, beautiful single leg dropkick! Kassidy almost tags to Quen but is pulled away at the last second to the heel corner, Rey Fenix tags in but Kassidy makes the tag this time, Fenix takes Quen to the outside, does the same with Kassidy, Silly String! Fenix tags to Pentagon Jr who comes in to a big pop! Joey Janela wants a tag too and gets it, crowd rising high for this!

Penta with a big leg kick and that quickly, the leg is bothering him! Gets a boot up off a charge, spinning back elbow off the second rope! Whip reversed, floatover, hits the ropes, big clothesline lays him out! “Let’s Go Joey” chant but as if he gets too into it, he’s swarmed! All six men are in for a moment, big standing dropkicks from both of Private Party gets them all to bail! Janela up top, diving crossbody takes all three of them out! Commercial break, match continues in the inset. Joey throws Fenix into the ring, tags and charging clotheslines ensue from the faces!

PAC takes the advantage though and drags Kassidy to the corner. Isolation commences. Fenix rains down punches over and over on Kassidy, Pentagon has to pull him off! We come back from break to see Janela getting the hot tag! Sends everyone outside, tope headbutt to Fenix!! Throws him into the ring, gets him up top, closed fist to the face! Tag to Quen, Super Rana takes him to the shoulders of Janela for a crazy DVD! Shooting Star Press from Quen for a nearfall!! “This Is Awesome” chant, Penta tags in, slingblade to Quen! Fenix with his springing spin kick to the face! Penta powerbombs Quen onto the knees of PAC for a diving stomp from Fenix!! Nearfall!!

PAC tags in, spin kicks to the gut nail sharply, Quen lands on his feet off a German attempt, tag to Janela! Joey back body drops both Lucha Bros to the floor but eats a superkick that takes him to the apron! PAC charges but Joey gets him with a forearm! Hoists him onto his shoulders! Quen leaps over them for a tope to Pentagon! Kassidy up top, steps off the back of PAC for a tope of his own onto Fenix! Finally, a DVD onto the apron!! “AEW” chant as Janela rolls him into the ring, up top, Flying Elbow for a nearfall!! Janela is shocked! Joe hits the ropes, Penta with a knee to the back, Fenix with a Springboard Cutter, Lucha Bros get Janela with the Package Piledriver/Footstomp, Fenix with a tope con hilo to Private Party! PAC up top… Black Arrow! And that is that!

Winners: The Death Triangle

This is one hell of a trio that’s formed here. AEW could definitely make do with a Trios division at this stage. The Death Triangle gets all three men into submission holds at once to torture them, until the Best Friends make their way out to run them off! Orange Cassidy barely avoids contact with Fenix.

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes is in the paint and gear. Has a fiery promo saying he’s sick of the Inner Circle, he’s Hangman’s partner tonight whether he likes it or not.

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