GCW Were The Last Indy Promotion Standing This Week

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GCW Were The Last Indy Promotion Standing This Week

This past Thursday was a tough day for the professional wrestling industry. Arenas were shut down left and right, Wrestlemania was put in jeopardy, and everything seemed to be over for all but the biggest companies. Indie Wrestling took the biggest hit, but this wouldn’t stop Game Changer Wrestling as they became the last ones standing. GCW owner Brett Lauderdale asked in the group chat for World On GCW if they still wanted to go, and everyone was ready to go put on what could have been the last PPV event with a crowd in ages.

The Voltage Lounge Was Electric

Coming from the Voltage Lounge in Pennsylvania, PA, GCW had a packed house like usual for their shows. It was a small venue, but the crowd was so loud that it didn’t matter. This might as well been Wrestlemania for them. Brett Lauderdale joined the talent in the ring to give a passionate speech. He was rallying his wrestlers and crowd, even GCW talent Chris Dickinson who wasn’t even booked was sure to make his way there for a great time.

GCW Provided An Actioned Packed Show

With Game Changer Wrestling being one of the most exciting indy promotions, this show had something for any fan of wrestling. They was great storytelling in the opening match with GCW Champion Ricky Shane Page, an incredible hardcore brawl with Effy & Matthew Justice, and a spotfest in the clusterf*ck match with Pinkie Sanchez vs. KTB vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. AJ Gray vs. Saieve Al Sabah vs. Steve Sanders. That was only the first half of the show.

They Haven’t Cancelled Their Wrestlemania Weekend Events Just Yet

GCW had many shows in promotion for Wrestlemania weekend. Between Effys Big Gay Brunch, Josh Barnetts Bloodsport, For The Culture and Joey Janela’s Spring Break, GCW was set to have their best shows yet. Major matches like Minoru Suzuki vs. Orange Cassidy & Jon Moxley vs. Josh Barnett under Bloodsport rules (KO & Submission only in a shoot style match) being the highlights. These major matches will be rebooked down the line, but it will be a major blow to their business if these shows do need to be cancelled in early April. Time will tell how this situation will pan out.

Do you want to see GCW be able to keep their planned shows going, or should they shut it down to help their fans and talent stay healthy? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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