Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes def. The Inner Circle | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

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Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes def. The Inner Circle | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite continues. The tag team main event between Hangman Page and a partner of his choosing against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara is the only match left tonight! But first, we get the rules run-down for Blood and Guts and unsurprisingly, it’s the oldschool rules – including victory only attained through submission or surrender.

Then, we hear from Jon Moxley who had a sit-down with JR. Mox admits he’s not feeling good but this whole game between him and the Inner Circle has been about the AEW World Title. So… who’s won the game? Notes the challenge he made to anyone to face off with him. Mox calls attention to Jake Hager, dares him to come after him after that powerbomb last week. JR says that it almost seems inevitable that the two of them will face off down the road. Moxley admits that Hager probably hit him harder than anyone ever has which is saying a lot. In Newark, it’s Blood and Guts. Mox says pro wrestling is blood and guts, AEW is blood and guts, he is blood and guts. So he’ll be there and if they’re smart, that scares them.

Main event time! The Judas singalong is as loud as it’s ever been! And indeed, after seemingly putting himself into the mat, Dustin Rhodes is out now to team with Hangman. Page is arguing, it actually seems like he intended to go it alone!

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes

Page and Jericho start but a quick tag to Sammy Guevara for cheap heat! Page ducks a clothesline, lays in chops! Sammy reverses a whip, leap frog, flip, Page stops him with another chop! Tag to Dustin Rhodes. Double whip to the corner, series of clotheslines take him down, Dustin covers for a 1 count! Dustin takes Guevara into the corner, chop, hammer whip to the opposite corner! Page tags back in, gets taken to the floor where Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager all surround him! As Page is distracted, Jericho tags in… Springboard Dropkick takes him from the apron to the floor!

Jericho steals the beer of Page and takes a few sips, yelling “I’m a cowboy”! Page punches him out and he spews the beer into the air! As he slowly falls, Hangman takes the beer back from and takes another sip of his own! But a running kick from the apron from Sammy catches him! Thrown back into the ring, Jericho working Page over now. Double whip, Page with a shoulder block to Guevara, Snap Suplex sends Jericho onto him! Tag to Dustin, who comes in with a few clotheslines, Dustin Uppercut to, knee facecrusher, charging bulldog – quick uppercut to Jericho! Takes him to the corner for Corner Ten Punches, Jericho rushes and gets another punch but Sammy Guevara leaps off the middle rope for a double knee drop to the chest! Commercial break, match continues in the inset.

Jericho tosses Dustin into the barrier. As soon as the ref is distracted by the men in the ring, the rest of the Inner Circle stomps Dustin! Back into the ring, tags and isolation ensue. Sammy gets Dustin onto his shoulders, squatting with him on his back until he Samoan Drops him for a 2 count! Tag back to Jericho. Double back elbow! Guevara spins onto the mat and Jericho poses alongside him as they love to do. Dustin punches his way to his feet, hits the ropes but Jericho gets him with a back elbow. Tries for the Lionsault but Dustin gets the knees up!

Simultags, Page with big heymakers! Charging big boot flips Guevara onto his face! Crowd is on their feet! “Cowboy Sh*t”! Sammy with a big punch, Jericho wants to slam his head into the buckle but Page surprises him with a springboard clothesline! Fallaway Slam on Sammy, kip-up, tope to Jericho, back in the ring for a sliding lariat to Guevara for a nearfall! Dang! Sammy gets him with a hook kick, tag to Jericho. Chris takes him to the apron, Page hits him away, has to fend off Santana and Ortiz… Dustin and Page both up top! Dustin with a twisting Crossbody to Jericho and Guevara, Page with a Triangle Moonsault to the rest of the group!

Page tries for the Buckshot but Jericho reverses into a Walls of Jericho until Dustin breaks it up. Sammy tags in, wants his Shooting Star, Page rolls out of the way, Sammy lands on his feet but gets a big boot from the apron! Page trying for the Buckshot but Jericho trips him facefirst onto the apron! Jericho tries to throw him back in, Page rebounds for a big shot on Jericho! Dustin gets Guevara with a Destroyer, Buckshot Lariat follows up for the victory!

Winners: Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes

The Inner Circle swarms afterwards! Out comes Kenny Omega, cast still on his hand! The numbers overtake him but Cody is here too! Big chant of “Cody”! He runs wild for a bit until Hager slams him to the mat! Ortiz snap suplexes Cody onto the ramp, calling back to their match earlier in the night. Hager has Page by the throat as he pulls him up the ramp! Jericho with a chairshot to the downed Cody! They pull Page out to the stage in a callback from last week! They want the Shield Bomb again!

But Matt Jackson emerges to make the save, pull Page away! Superkicks, spear takes out both of Proud-N-Powerful! He clobbers the back of Jericho! Turns around to lock eyes with Hangman! And he gives him the middle finger first this time! But he turns around to get a massive chairshot to the head from Jericho! And one for Page too! The Inner Circle standing tall tonight!

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