Live Cinderella Tournament: A Foreshadow With Iwatani And Kimura

Iwatani Is One Of The Best

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Cinderella Tournament Bracket via World Wonder Ring Stardom

The final first-round match of World Wonder Ring Stardom’s (Stardom) 2020 Cinderella Tournament saw World Of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwatani (STARS) and Hana Kimura (Tokyo Cyber Squad) compete against one another in a highly anticipated match, and was the marquee match for those watching the event through YouTube.

Iwatani is the current Ace of Stardom and looks to be one of the key drawing figures for the company as they expand throughout Japan. Many believe Hana is going to be one of the four or five protected marquee draws, becoming natural rivals with Iwatani, Guilia, Wonder Of Stardom Champion Arisa Hoshiki, and perhaps another roster member that rises through the ranks.

The match was back and forth with Iwantani leading the way. With her consistent performances and natural face charisma, it’s difficult to argue against her being one of the top women in the wrestling business — one could even argue she is among the top 50 active wrestlers in the world today.

Hana held her own and is improving inside the ring as she competes in higher profile matches. There was a great deal of drama in what was under an 8 minute, with several teases of over the top rope eliminations. Eventually, the match would end with a double over the top elimination — meaning the final two matches of the first round were a draw.

The fallout was the quarter-final match between Tam Nakano and Natsuko Tora became a semi-final match. Iwatani and Kimura will meet again in the future with more on the line. If their 7 minute and 56-minute match Cinderella Tournament is a sign of what they can do together, those future matches will be worth watching.

The rest of the tournament is being made available through Stardom World.


The first round of the Cinderella Tournament can be seen below.


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