Live Cinderella Tournament: Kamitani Shows Improvement Against Natsuko

Natsuko Tora Has A High Ceiling

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Cinderella Tournament Bracket via World Wonder Ring Stardom

The sixth first-round match of World Wonder Ring Stardom‘s (Stardom) 2020 Cinderella Tournament saw Natsuko Tora (Odeo Tai) and Saya Kamitani (Queen’s Quest) compete to see who would face Tam Nakano in the next round.

Natsuko is a favorite among Stardom’s English speaking fans, and many were hoping to see her elevated after paying her dues with the promotion over the past several years. Saya is in her rookie year in professional wrestling and has shown that she could become a decent draw for Stardom down the line.

This was a straight forward brawling contest with neither wanting to give the other an inch, Kamitani showed how she has improved over the past year, while Natsuko showed that she has value near the top of Stardom’s cards.

Natsuko defeated Kamitani in 6 minutes and 3 seconds to move to face Nakano in the next round. Despite there being back in forth action, there wasn’t a point where it looked like Tora was in danger of losing to Kamitani.

The feel of the match was different from others in the first round, once again providing something different for the live audience and those watching the stream from home. If Kamitani continues to grow she could win the Cinderella Tournament several years down the road.

Perhaps the World Of Stardom Championship isn’t in the near future for Natsuko, but she is beginning to position herself to possibly make a run at the Wonder Of Stardom Championship, especially if her fandom continues to grow on an international level. Odeo Tai is a popular unite and stand out in Stardom as being the one pure heel group that isn’t afraid to get heat, and put the spotlight on members of STARS, Tokyo Cyber Squad, and Queen’s Quest.

The first round of the Cinderella Tournament can be seen below.

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