Matt Hardy & The Elite Run Off Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite rages on following that lengthy AAA Mega Championship match. Chris Jericho comes out and gets the cameraman to sing along to his theme. Jericho in the ring, speaking without a microphone or perhaps a lapel mic. Talks about the big AEW debuts, including of course Matt Hardy pledging his allegiance to the Elite. Says he doesn’t think Matt really understands what he’s getting himself into. Wants to give Matt the chance, since he’s known him for 25 years, to make the right decision… to join the Inner Circle. Tells Matt to come on down.

Instead, in comes the West Coast Correspondent Vanguard 1. Jericho tells guard that he’s glad he showed up. Tells him that he doesn’t like him, he’s never liked him. Doesn’t like what he stands for, his beliefs. Thinks he’s arrogant, puts down his political views on social media. Says “You’re a piece of sh*t, Vanguard, you’re trash”! But even though he doesn’t like him, he’d like to offer him a spot in the Inner Circle! Says all the power will be in his propellers! Instagram drone models beating down his door. Vanguard flies away, even as Jericho yells at him. Screams, “You’ll regret this! You tell Matt Hardy-” but then Matt’s theme plays!

Matt Hardy appears in the rafters!

But then he glitches out and and blinks to a lower part of the stands! He blinks closer and closer with some hilarious editing until finally he’s at ringside! Jericho looks on, totally stunned, his mouth agape! Hardy enters the ring and comes face to face with him. Matt also speaks without a mic, “Maker of Pain, you knew I’d come!” Jericho says of course he did they booked this segment last week. Asks how he did the teleporting, Matt replies “Because I’m magic!”

Jericho nods but wants to explain how this works. Says this is his show. AEW was organized by him, it was made mainstream by him so when you show up to AEW, he’s the one you want to align yourself with. Not the Elite. Matt explains that he allied with them because he owes the Bucks of Youth a debt, they resurrected him and brought him here. Plus, AEW to him represents freedom, it is his Arcadia! So he cannot let the Inner Circle run roughshod and ruin AEW. Jericho says he’s the one who resurrects careers. Wants to give Matt a mulligan, since he’s new here. Warns him again not to align himself to the Elite and join the Inner Circle. Matt says he doesn’t think Chris understands what he’s looking at. He may recognize his vessel but there is a completely different entity within him. He is now Damascus, and Damascus is 3000 years old! Jericho says if that’s true, that means he’s very wise, obviously.

Jericho says no one knows more about reinventing themselves than Chris Jericho but when he sees his gothic cloak and red dash, outside he looks very different but inside he’s still the same Matt Hardy that he’s known for 25 years. Matt says he could say the same, like a chameleon he has changed on the outside time and again but on the inside he’s still the same evil essence, the true hole of the ass! Jericho claims that Matt’s always living in the shadow of his younger brother, the shadow of bad booking and now he lives in the shadow of Le Champion. Matt says that his broken brilliance is shining brighter than EVAH.

Jericho tells him to apply that Broken Brilliance and being 3000 years old and asks one more time… will he join the Inner Circle or the Elite?

Matt says “DELETE!” They get into a “DELETE” “ELITE” rally, Jericho says stop, the people aren’t even here to chant along with him! Matt says no, there are souls, essences everywhere here! He knows that normally there is an AEW audience chanting along with the song, Judas, ironically he once knew Judas and he betrayed him as well. Matt than starts singing that Chris will fade away and classify himself as obselete and Jericho again tells him that he banned all fans from the arena. Matt says just because you can’t see them they are here. In 15C is one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, over there is Martin Luther King. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Jericho is getting fed up. Tells Matt that he doesn’t see any new essense, maybe he can slap it out of him. Smacks him across the face, Matt responds by punching him right down to the mat! Jericho says he must know magic, he just took out Le Champion with one punch! But he knows a magic trick too. “Abracadabra, Matt Hardy Gets His Ass Kicked!” And as he flings his hand at Matt, Sammy Guevara attacks him from behind! But Cody and Kenny rush the ring and chase them out! As Jericho and Sammy back up the ramp, Matt starts setting off pillars of fire to frighten them! He’s yelling, “Delete! Delete!” as we fade to black.

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