Matt Sells & Jon Cruz vs. Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall | AEW Dark Preview | All Elite Wrestling

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We’ve got another episode of AEW Dark tonight. Indy guest wrestlers Matt Sells & Jon Cruz team up tonight to take on the recently established tandem of Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall. In spite of everything that is currently going down in the world today, this is a very significant episode. Quarantines and shutdowns have hurt everyone and basically every single business. It’s hit indy wrestling particularly hard thanks to the terrible timing. WrestleMania weekend and the weeks surrounding it were meant to mean a series of huge dates for independent wrestling. It’s where a lot of promoters and workers alike make the bulk of their money, in something of an annual tradition. But that all had to be cancelled along with nearly everything else, and it’s put many of them in a rough and uncertain spot.

In acknowledgement of this, tonight’s “double” episode of Dark includes more matches than usual. And in those matches we’ll see seven workers whose dates were cancelled. It’s a series of paydays to folks who could seriously use them and a general urge to support one another in these trying times. Personally speaking, I applaud this effort and hope they can continue using Dark this way in the coming weeks, I think it’s very much worth doing. The show is already uploaded as we speak but of course you can watch it anytime so let’s get to the previews…

Matt Sells & Jon Cruz vs. Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall (w/ Brandi Rhodes)

Rounding out the seven indy guest stars on tonight’s episode of AEW Dark are Matt Sells & Jon Cruz. Cruz debuted in 2008 and has had a couple of brushes with Impact, ROH and Evolve. Sells is a 17-year veteran trained by the legendary Dory Funk Jr and the storied Funkin’ Conservatory. Sells spent much of his career working for NWA on and off, and also has several ROH appearances under his belt.

The two of them face off with Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall, a recently established tandem. With Brandi Rhodes backing them up, they’re known as the Natural Nightmares. How far Dustin and QT will go as a team is yet to be determined but for now it’s a pretty nice spot for them both, as Dustin seeks to rebound from big singles losses and QT slowly inches his way to prominence. Natural Nightmares over.

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