Roman Reigns Doesn’t Care Where His Match On Wrestlemania Is Positioned


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One of the world title matches at this years Wrestlemania will be one to remember. Roman Reigns will face Goldberg for the Universal Championship, in a match that many thought we would never see. Both men are masters of the spear, and that alone is enough for some to call it a dream match. There has been people who haven’t been too keen on the idea of this match as a main event, with Goldberg being viewed as unreliable and Roman being viewed as unworthy of another Wrestlemania main event. It has been a heated debate, but one man is having none of it; that being Roman Reigns himself.

Roman Reigns Just Wants To Perform

With fans wanting matches like Edge vs. Randy Orton and even Shayna Baszler to main event a night of Wrestlemania 36, that could leave the Universal Championship match in the dust. Despite this, Roman Reigns wouldn’t be too bothered. On Twitter he had the following to say when tagged about this. Don’t care where my match falls. Just happy to be healthy and fit enough to participate. Grateful to share the ring with a legend and icon on our industry’s biggest night(s). As should everyone else, in a time like this. Be safe, healthy and grateful.

Always a class act, he isn’t going to punch down on Goldberg over Twitter, hopefully saving all that for the ring in the WWE Performance Center.

This Won’t Be Their Last Clash

WWE might have originally planned for this match to be the only meeting of Roman Reigns & Goldberg, but we could see this match and many others from Wrestlemania 36 redone when crowds are allowed to gather once again. It is a huge match, and we could see at least one more so WWE can get the crowd reactions they have wanted from it. With Summerslam likely being a huge deal this year, it would help build that card to Wrestlemania like levels. Because of this, it really doesn’t matter if this match is the main event, as it probably won’t be the final time these titans will clash.

Are you excited to see Roman Reigns face Goldberg at Wrestlemania 36? Who should win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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