Should Ricochet & Cedric Alexander Remain A Tag Team In WWE?


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This past episode of Monday Night RAW saw a new tag team formed in WWE. Two superstars down on their luck and who have recently clashed on WWE Main Event, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander. They are two of the best in ring workers, with both having previous championship glory in WWE, with Ricochet a former United States & NXT North American Champion, and Alexander a former Cruiserweight Champion. While they lost to the tandem of Andrade & Angel Garza, they looked impressive. Should they remain a unit?

WWE Is Always Lacking Good Tag Teams

WWE has their incredible teams who are reliable. Teams like The Usos & New Day will continue to give us classic matches. Add in some new talented teams from NXT like Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery and Street Profits, and you have a solid division. But you can always use more. With both Alexander & Ricochet barely used on TV at this point, this would at least give them something to do. They have the ability to make opponents look incredible, and could help to build the division by that merit alone.

Could MVP Join Ricochet & Cedric Alexander As A Manager?

While they both have the skills to amaze fans in the ring, they lack the larger than life charisma that WWE wants on the microphone. There is a very simple solution in this, with a recent returning star from the mid-2000’s. This is MVP, who returned at the Royal Rumble, and has appeared on TV a few times following that return. He has signed on for a backstage role, and while he might not be having many more matches for WWE, he still has a ton to offer on screen. In the past with Impact Wrestling, he worked as Bobby Lashley’s hype man, showing great ability as a manager. Sticking MVP with Alexander & Ricochet fills the gap in their skill set easily, and would allow them to just focus on being the best wrestlers they could be.

This could simply be a one off, as they needed a team for Andrade & Garza to beat on their way to a RAW Tag Team Championship match at Wrestlemania 36. But hopefully they stick with this direction for a while. Do you think Cedric Alexander & Ricochet should remain a tag team? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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