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AEW Dynamite is on tonight! In these trying times, I think we could all use the escape so let’s see how they handle this rough spot. I choose to have faith. In the main event tonight, the Elite will face off with the Inner Circle in a match with Blood and Guts implications!! I am Jordan Huie, you are here with us at the Overtimer and hopefully you’re all staying safe and sound. You can expect the same kind of coverage as per usual, with live recaps and results from the show as they come, plus previews of everything that’s on tap for tonight!

Of course AEW comes to us from the Daily’s Place, and it’s gonna be an empty arena show, their first attempt at this. It sounds as if they’re going to attempt to put on the same level of show as usual, tough as that’s gonna be.

The Elite vs. The Inner Circle (The winning team gets the advantage in Blood & Guts)

This is set to be a trios match between the two big time factions, of course hyping up the brutal encounter that will be their Blood and Guts match. The winning side here gets the advantage in Blood & Guts, meaning throughout much of the match they will have an extra man. As you can see from the graphic, they’re being very vague as to who will be representing the two teams in this affair, but I think you can basically narrow it down pretty easily.

Nick Jackson has not been cleared after being storyline injured last week, as a shutter door was slammed onto him. And Kenny Omega still has a cast on his hand so one would figure he wouldn’t go in unless absolutely necessary. That leaves Cody, Hangman Page and Matt Jackson to represent the Elite. On the other side, I kinda have to think that their own resident tag team Proud-N-Powerful will both be involved. As for who teams with them, I think if Chris Jericho were in action they’d advertise that. So that leaves Sammy Guevara or Jake Hager… or perhaps a surprise appearance from Jeff Cobb?! That’d be a cheeky way to make use of the ambiguity!

But no, I imagine it’s either Sammy or Jake, not sure which. But given the general psychology of a WarGames style match, the heels basically always have the advantage, and I can’t imagine Hangman and Matt Jackson getting along here. Inner Circle over.

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