The Exalted One Revealed To Be Brodie Lee | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite continues. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson emerge. Uno says the Exalted One is near. Hopes the producers keep the cameras focused on his eyes so that he may speak directly to his followers. Tells us that when the Exalted One arrives, it will breathe life into the Dark Order. Keeps repeating, the Exalted One is near… Christopher Daniels emerges from the crowd and grabs a microphone, demands that he stop. Stop with the lies. Says he hasn’t made John Silver or Alex Reynolds’ lives any better. Says all he’s done is waste our time, waste the time of the people at home. The biggest lie is the notion of an Exalted One. Says there is no Exalted One, there’s only you two…

But a video interrupts. The Exalted One speaks and says he will introduce himself… a new rule in the Dark Order is that they take what they want when they want. When they come knocking, you let them in. And if you don’t, he will personally kick the door down.

Raises the hood up… it’s Brodie Lee!

Brodie says that Daniels, now, is not safe. All his jokes will come back to bite him. He’s not the only out of touch old man to not believe in him. But he’ll show him what a mistake that is. He then officially introduces himself as Brodie Lee, the Exalted One!

When the video ends… Brodie is right behind Christopher Daniels! Chokes him out, Discus Lariat lands solidly! Just like that, they’ve taken out SCU – Scorpio seemingly wasn’t here tonight. Evil Uno asks “Who are you?” to get a reply of “We Are One” from the underlings and Brodie just stares intensely into the camera. Turns his back and rushes up the ramp. Frankie Kazarian is left trying to tend to Daniels.

It’s truly unfortunate that this couldn’t happen live in front of that hometown crowd in Rochester, it would’ve been an electric moment to be sure. But still, I’m so happy to see him here in AEW, I’ve been wanting to see this for, like, a whole damn year, seriously. I’m just so sure he’s gonna tear it up here and he’s in what seems to be a potentially really big spot here as well. Excited to see him get into the ring.

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