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AEW Dynamite continues! The main event pitting The Elite against the Inner Circle in a trios match is the only bout remaining. Jake Roberts and Lance Archer give Cody a warning, saying he had a chance to stand and face them and now, they’ll have to come to him. Tells him to think about it… they’ll find them. We then get a video package of Lance Archer in a crazy backyard wrestling scene where a ton of challengers surround the ring and come in one at a time only for Archer to run right through them all with ease. Meanwhile Jake Roberts just watches on menacingly. He punches them out one by one and we get a shot of him standing tall in a ring full of bodies. Cody’s picture is nailed to the wall of a nearby shack with bloody writing on it. The video is capped off with him chokeslamming a dude onto the hood of a truck and slamming him into it repeatedly.

We then see a run-down of some unique match-ups set for next week. Luchasaurus will face Wardlow in a Lumberjack match. The Lucha Bros will face the Best Friends in a Parking Lot Brawl. And of course, we have the Blood & Guts match… Nick Jackson is no longer on the graphic, so it’s currently being hyped as 5-on-4, which makes the match to gain the man advantage tonight all the more important.

Main event time. Sammy Guevara takes up a mic to singalong really badly to Chris Jericho’s entrance music.

The Elite (Cody, Matt Jackson & Hangman Page) vs. The Inner Circle (Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz)

Cody and Santana start us off. Santana is stalling though, doesn’t want to leave his corner. Waits until Cody turns to address MJF, Santana attacks him from behind. Knife edge chop against the ropes, pound to the back of the neck. Cody whips him to the ropes, leap frog, Snap Powerslam! Santana with a body shot, tag to Ortiz. Double Back Suplex. Ortiz waylays him with uppercuts, wants a snap suplex, Cody blocks and reverses. Wristlock, tag to Matt Jackson. Matt with a double axe handle to the arm, Cody tags right back in for a knee drop to the arm.

Page seems annoyed that he didn’t tag him instead and they yell at each other on the corner. Cody tags Matt back in, double team back elbow, Casadora Dustin Uppercut, German Suplex, Page rushes into the ring to clothesline Santana, Cody and Matt high five but Page blows them off. Santana tags himself in, takes it to Matt but eats a wicked Spear! Stalking for another, Hangman tags himself in when Matt didn’t expect it. Hammer whip to the corner, big clothesline. Avoids an enziguri, Deadlift Pumphandle into a bridge for a nearfall! Tag to Cody, Santana escapes a body slam, eats a back elbow, Ortiz gets Cody with a hot shot, Santana clotheslines him to the outside. Ortiz with a Gory Special, Santana kicks Cody in the face, Ortiz Gory Bombs him onto the apron. Commercial break, right as Hager is hitting a Vader Bomb.

We come back to see Hager holding Cody up in a delayed Vertical Suplex, passing him off to Ortiz when he tags in. Ortiz brings him down hard for a nearfall. Cody bails and Arn Anderson speaks with him. Ortiz slams Cody into the guardrails, Matt Jackson attacks Santana. Hager attacks him. Santana takes Cody into the ring, Cody tries to fight back with right hands but a kick to the face puts him down. Kneebar, Hager tags in and mounts him. Pulls Cody to his feet, takes him into the corner, snapmare. Top Wrist Lock. Cody fights to his feet but Hager keeps him under control, front facelock. Cody seems to be fading. Hager drives him into the heel corner, shoulder thrusts, tag to Ortiz. Cody wants a body slam, Ortiz with an inside cradle to counter it for a 2 count.
Santana tags in, stomp to the chest. Cody fights back up, gets Ortiz with a surprise Cross-Rhodes!

Cody wants to crawl over but Hager tags in… Cody back body drops him over the top rope! Santana knocks Hangman and Matt off the apron though. Cody is dragged back to the heel corner and stomped and hammered with elbow drops. Commercial break, match continues in the inset with isolation intensifying. We come back, Jericho has a Bucks Buck on his forehead. Hager wants another Vader Bomb but Cody gets the boots up. Cody makes the tag to Hangman! Page with a flying clothesline to Ortiz, Fallaway Slam to Santana, kip up, tope to Hager! Rushes into the ring, Sliding Lariat to Santana, Ortiz has to break up the pin!

Cody with a suicide dive to Ortiz! Throws him into MJF in the crowd! Wardlow grabs him by the throat! Arn smacks the clipboard into his back to make him stop, Wardlow stares Arn down! Back in the ring, Matt gets Santana with the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes! Hager rushes in, Matt grabs him… Page and Matt get him with a double team Northern Lights Suplex! Matt gets Santana up, wants the Indytaker with Page, but Santana pulls Page facefirst onto the apron, Santana reverses Matt into an inside cradle for the win!

Winners: The Inner Circle

Matt is unhappy with Hangman after that. Jericho on the mic during replays, he talks crap on the entire babyface roster. Jericho says they have the advantage because they’re the Inner Circle and he’s making a decree that he’s banning all fans from future AEW events until he says otherwise! Doesn’t care if the world changes tomorrow, they don’t need any pumpkin-headed idiots cheering for the Elite. They flip them off in unison as Hager goes down to do a bunch of push-ups… one of them with Sammy Guevara posing on his back!

Tells Sammy to tell the world how hot he is. Sammy shows off his abs, says if Brandi wants to hit him up, might as well, since her husband is a loser. A drone flies into the arena… loudly interrupting him. Matt Jackson on the microphone says Chris is wrong. Is it… Vanguard 1?! The Elite aren’t outnumbered. It’s not just four of them… in fact, he made a phone call to a friend who owed them a favor! A piano tune plays as the spotlight shines on Matt Hardy in the balcony! He signals “Delete, delete”! He will be the fifht man

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