Vince McMahon Almost Cancelled The WWE Smackdown Following Eddie Guerreros Death

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Wrestling has faced many deaths over the course of it’s spans, with performers often falling victim to intense drug addiction due to the nature of injuries and working on the road. One man fell victim to this, only to get clean and come back better than ever. This was Eddie Guerrero, who has become one of the most beloved and respected legends in the history of professional wrestling. He would tragically pass away in 2005 due to heart failure, in a moment that truly shook the wrestling world. It was to the point where even Vince McMahon himself nearly didn’t have the show go on.

Vince McMahon Is As Stubborn As They Get

If Vince McMahon would ever have an autobiography, it should be called The Show Must Go On. This year, Wrestlemania is still happening from the WWE Performance Center with no audience, because Vince doesn’t know when he could run it normally. He was one of the first to have his backup plan enacted with COVID-19 shutting things down left & right. WWE was the first big gathering after 9/11. There is so many things that should have stopped WWE, but the show went on. That is what makes this story from Eddie’s cousin Chavo so mind boggling.

‘What should I do? Should I cancel?’

With everything going crazy within wrestling, and events closing down everywhere, this isn’t a shocking story to come back to the mind of Chavo. Guerrero recalled the conversation that took place just after the death of his uncle Eddie Guerrero. “Vince is always, ‘The show must go on.’ The same thing happened when Eddie passed away. I was in the hallway of his hotel room and here comes Vince, Triple H and Shawn Michaels,” stated Guerrero. “We’re all talking and he was like, ‘What should I do? Should I cancel?’ I go, ‘Absolutely not. Eddie would want the show to go on, for sure.’

It is hard to deny that someone like Eddie would have wanted the show to go on, he gave his life to the sport he loved until the very end. This just goes to show that despite the image of pure bravado that Vince employs, there does come a time when things get shut down. Hopefully if our current world situation gets worse, it doesn’t take this to make Vince shut things down for a while.

Do you think Wrestlemania should go on? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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