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WWE News: Adam Cole Is The Longest Reigning NXT Champion


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There has been one constant in wrestling as of late. That is Adam Cole as NXT Champion, as his reign has now surpassed 292 days, making him offically the longest reigning champions in the brands history. He has defeated all comers, from Johnny Gargano, Tomassao Ciampa, Finn Balor & Akira Tozawa to even Daniel Bryan & Seth Rollins. No one has been able to take the last piece of gold from The Undisputed Era, and that could remain the same.

Longest Reign & Potentially Most Successful Defenses

At 298 days and counting, and 9 successful defenses, Adam Cole is the most dominant NXT Champion we have ever seen. Part of this can be attributed to the interference from Undisputed Era members Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong. But Cole has proved to be one of the best wrestlers in the world even without his friends to back him up in matches like those against Pete Dunne & Daniel Bryan. The closest title reign is Finn Balor at 292 days, and most defenses comes from Neville who has the tie at 9. With an upcoming defense against Velveteen Dream on the way, he could easily hit 10 defenses.

Will Velveteen Dream Defeat Adam Cole?

While they were meant to meet at NXT Takeover Tampa, that match will now happen in a few weeks as part of NXT TV. With the lack of a crowd to celebrate the crowning of a new NXT Champion, we could see Dream fall short in this match to save that moment for the next typical NXT Takeover Event. If this happens, with how uncertain everything is with COVID-19, we could easily see Adam Cole pass the 365 day range as champion. There are many ways to keep Dream away from the title while keeping the feud hot, especially with Undisputed Era lurking around. They could use this to set up a huge gimmick match to wow fans once they are allowed back in arenas.

However, we could still see this happen. Anything can happen right now in wrestling, and a big babyface win or two could be what the world needs to get some morale back. Do you think Adam Cole will reach 10 defenses of his NXT Championship, or will Velveteen Dream finally capture the biggest prize in NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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