WWE News: Monday Night RAW Moved To WWE Performance Center

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The show must go on in WWE. With the wrestling industry on the verge of collapse due to large gathering being banned with Coronavirus on the loose, WWE is moving their flagship shows to the safety of the WWE Performance Center. This is where the future of WWE trains, and has already been home to NXT as well as tonight’s edition of Smackdown Live. With the building being owned by WWE, it is a logical place to move their flagship programming to. Monday Night RAW is the next to be moved there, with the upcoming episode that was set for Pittsburgh being cancelled and moved.

Will Stone Cold Still Show Up?

This Monday will be March 16th, aka 3:16. Because of this, WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin was set to appear on Monday Night RAW. He always gets a crowd to a fever pitch, but with the WWE Performance Center shows potentially having no crowds, is there really a big reason to have Stone Cold on the show? He isn’t involved in any build towards Wrestlemania like Undertaker is, and it would almost be a wasted appearance. That said, if there is a small crowd on hand for these shows, it would be insane to be able to see Stone Cold in such an intimate setting.

Will Monday Night RAW Become A Temporary Mainstay Of The WWE Performance Center?

With most arenas around the United States being shut down due to the panic of Coronavirus, there isn’t many places for a company like WWE to run their shows. That said, provided the situation doesn’t escalate drastically, they will be safe in continuing to produce their TV shows from the Performance Center. Vince McMahon is not going to stop putting on this weekly show unless the universe itself stops him, meaning that they will push on until that happens. They might not run Wrestlemania from this venue, but the build won’t be stopped for anything. They will find a way to ensure that Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nights still have wrestling.

Do you think WWE is wise to move their shows to the Performance Center? Should WWE take a much needed off-season in the wake of a potential pandemic? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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