WWE NXT Results: Killian Dain vs. Tehuti Miles

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WWE NXT Results: Killian Dain vs. Tehuti Miles

With his eyes of the NXT North American Championship held by Keith Lee, Killian Dain has started to build up a winnning streak. On this night, he would face someone fresh to NXT in Tehuti Miles. A veteran of the United States miltary having served a 5 year tour in Afghanistan, as well as being an accomplished college football player. Unfortunately for him, Killian Dain is vicious.

Killian Dain Asserts His Dominance

The match started fast with Dain forcing Miles into the corner with some face rakes. Miles instantly realized his speed will be important, as he dodged a lariat in the corner and hit some shoulder tackles. He would hit the ropes from a crossbody but would be caught, Miles would slip out and found himself on the apron before being dropped by a pump kick. Dain would throw Miles into the steps and barricade as the referee counted them out. Miles would fight back in the ring, but a single knee strike would put him back down.

A Belly To Back Suplex would give the first near fall, as Dain would just continue his assault. A boot to the face would stagger Dain, who would then run into the post. A series of kicks would start to wear down Dain would would shut Miles down. A lariat would drop him, Dain would pick him back up only to slam him down, hit a huge senton, and a Vader Bomb for the quick victory.

Looking To Add The NXT North American Championship To His Trophy Case

Another successful mauling for the Beast From Belfast puts him in a good position for a future title shot. As an ex-member of Sanity, Dain is a former NXT Tag Team Champion, but has yet to claim singles gold on the Black & Gold brand. Combined with his past win over Bronson Reed, he is in the running with men like Damien Priest & Dominic Dijakovic for a shot at Keith Lee, something which could turn into a four way hoss fight.

Tehuti Miles Impressed

While this match was meant to make Killian Dain look like an absolute killer, Miles was still able to show a lot of grit and charisma. The future is bright for this new face, he just needs to pick better battles in the future and we could see some wins out of him. Do you think Tehuti Miles is one to keep an eye too? Or will it take him months to bounce back from this huge loss?  Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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