WWE NXT Results: Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong


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WWE NXT Results: Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong

Matt Riddle and tag team partner Pete Dunne took the NXT Tag Team Titles from Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish, and have been on the radar of Undisputed Era ever since. Their match from Takeover is one the best regarded matches from the events, meaning excellent action was expected even without a crowd in the empty Full Sail University. H

However, he would riding solo tonight with Pete Dunne unable to be at the arena due to travel issues. Despite being a member of the dominant Undisputed Era, Roderick Strong is seeking to prove he is still a viable singles star following losses to men like Keith Lee & Velveteen Dream, he would come out to the ring alone.

Matt Riddle Proves He Can Still Win Without Pete Dunne

The match would start off with some mat wrestling between the two technical marvels, with the ex-MMA fighter having the edge. The sprawling would lead to early pinfall attempts and some strikes while grounded from both men. They wouldn’t remain vertical long as Strong would pick the ankle and take Riddle down once again. A huge gut-wrench suplex would get things truly started, as Riddle threw Strong across the ring. Strong would attempt an Olympic Slam, but Riddle would fight back and prevent it. They would start to tag each other with stiff strikes, with the impacts echoing around the empty arena.

Strong would take control of this main event match when he dumped Riddle over the top rope, and lock him into a vicious Camel Clutch. Riddle would fight his way back up, and lay in some strikes and suplexes as he tried to regain control of the match, but an attempt at the penalty kick would lead to Riddle being trapped in the Strong Hold. Riddle would refuse to quit, and kick his way free, and nail Strong with the Bro To Sleep into a German Suplex for a near fall. He would fall into the corner and eat a knee to the chin from Strong followed by the Olympic Slam for a near fall. Riddle would catch Strong as he attempted some strikes, and nail the BroDerek for a win after a fantastic match.

Newcomers To The Tag Team Division Strike

NXT Newcomers & Malcolm Bivens

While his partner is out, two huge new faces would come out to beatdown Matt Riddle following an intense match. A great way to debut is to send a message to the champions. These men would go unnamed, but their mouthpiece is one Malcolm Bivens. No longer just stirring the pot on Twitter, he has taken to becoming a manger for who he claims are the future of the NXT Tag Team Division.

Do you think these two new hulking men will be the next NXT Tag Team Champions? Let us know what you think the comment section down below.

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