WWE Rumor Mill – Saudi Arabia Offered to Host WrestleMania 36 if Tampa Bay Cancels

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WWE Rumor Mill – Saudi Arabia Offered to Host WrestleMania 36 if Tampa Bay Cancels

It’s important to note that Saudi Arabia offering to host WrestleMania is strictly a rumor that’s making the rounds. As rumors go, this seems like a legitimate offer as professional wrestling is loved in Saudi Arabia and it’ll be decided today if the event will be held in Tampa.

While this would be a first for the WWE to have their flagship pay-per-view in the Middle East, it may please fans that want to watch it via the WWE Network or as a pay-per-view.

Though this may not be a good move on the WWE’s part.

Fan backlash is alive and well

Fans have been vocal in their feelings towards events being held in Saudi Arabia, but they’ve also been just as, if not more so when it comes to canceling WrestleMania 36. Fans are divided as always, with the usual extremes about whether or not to cancel.

The WWE previously released a statement saying the show will go on:

“The health and safety of our fans, performers and employees are our top priorities and we are monitoring the situation closely with our partners and government officials in Tampa Bay,” the statement read. “We remain committed to hosting WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, April 5, and like other entertainment properties in the U.S., there are currently no plans to cancel or postpone our upcoming events.”

But this was done before E3 and the NBA canceled or postponed their events, games. The NHL is expected by some to postpone their season as well today, so the WWE’s position may change. And if Tampa votes to cancel or postpone it, there’s nothing Vince McMahon can do about it except accept their decision and possibly move it elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia could work, but…

As stated above, holding the event in Saudi Arabia will not go over well with a majority of fans, especially those that have already purchased tickets, made plans, and took off work to go. While it’ll bring in a quick rush of cash for the WWE, it will probably drive away even more fans in the US and Canada that were already unhappy with events being held in the Middle East. Given the ills the WWE has suffered lately, this could be as close to a death blow the promotion could inflict on itself.

Of course, the die hard fans will remain and to be honest, it makes sense to move it if there’s the opportunity. The problem here is all of the build up to it with the press and fans meeting and greeting won’t exist. It’ll be like the original WrestleMania where there was fanfare, but nowhere near the pageantry we’ve come to know and expect.

In the end, it’ll come down to what McMahon feels is a better deal for the WWE. Is the incoming cash be worth possibly driving more fans away, or is waiting to hold professional wrestling’s top event the better move?

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