WWE Speculation – Wrestling Fans Watch for the… Fans?

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WWE Speculation – Wrestling Fans Watch for the… Fans?

As fans, we watch what we watch for various reasons. Sometimes we enjoy the show, sometimes it’s for our love of a single star, and sometimes it’s for nothing involving the shows.

Born from various conversations online since news of the WWE planning to hold WrestleMania 36 at the WWE Performance Center without any fans in attendance, we’ve noticed that a lot of fans watch wrestling not for the actual wrestling, but for the fans.

Watching for the commercials

While the fans can be entertaining, there are more than a few that seem to prefer them over what’s happening in the ring. While this is understandable given what the WWE has offered the last couple of years, it sounds odd.

It’s reminiscent of people who watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

The thing is, this if fine. Nothing wrong with us watching whatever we want for entertainment. It’s up to our personal tastes.

Another reason is the fans add some life to the events. Without them, or even other wrestlers on the roster there for studio wrestling like Jim Cornette mention recently, it feels like we’re watching a practice session.

A hidden benefit

While going crowdless for an event like WrestleMania is probably the worst idea imaginable, for smaller shows it really put the pressure on the wrestlers to perform at a higher level. We lucked out on Smackdown as those matches were better than we’ve seen recently.

Of course, it could be something as simple as we’re actually watching the matches instead of the fans and it appeals to those of us that want to watch the wrestling instead of the production.

Also, we get to see who can actually cut a promo as we’re focused entirely on them. It shows their weakness in this area and may hurt how we view them.

As Jim Cornette is fond of saying, “It’s about the presentation.”

The hype for the matches generally comes from the presentation from the ring entrances, the promos, and the fan interaction.

Personally, fans can make or break a wrestler or storyline. If those in attendance cheer, we tend to enjoy it. If they boo, we usually don’t care and fast forward through it if we can.

We’re dealing with a mixed bag at the moment, and we each have our own opinions on what entertains us. What works for one doesn’t always work for another, so with that should the WWE have postponed WrestleMania or are they doing the right thing? Let us know in the comments.

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