AEW Jon Moxley Would Rather Work at a McDonalds than Backstage at WWE

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AEW Jon Moxley Would Rather Work at a McDonalds than Backstage at WWE

We’ve grown accustomed to Jon Moxley having a strong opinion of the WWE. He’s been honest and vocal in his thoughts, and we have to respect that. When he talks, it’s coming from the heart. It’s real and unapologetic. Something this world needs more of, in all honesty. He’s had some great rants like how the WWE’s creative direction forced him to walk away from millions, to now saying he would rather work at a McDonalds than as a writer of producer for WWE.


More and more animosity have been coming out about the WWE’s practices from former talent, and it makes one wonder if the professional wrestling giant has pushed people too far. We could go on and on about Vince McMahon’s tendencies, habits, and alleged bullying of employees.

There are rumors that Seth Rollins made a comment that McMahon was out of touch as a signing event, and he lost the Universal Championship a few weeks later because of it. Now, Rollins defends the WWE with his every breath. Is it true? Only McMahon and Rollins know, but it fits what we’ve heard about McMahon’s practices over the years. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, you know?

Moxley goes in for the kill

But few of the comments have been as brutal as Jon Moxley’s recent one while being interviewed on the Wrestling Observer Live.

(Special thanks to for the transcript.)

“If I couldn’t wrestle right now, I think I’d maybe have a shot to be like a producer, a coach, or a trainer, something like that. Be involved in some way which I would never say, I would never be a producer in WWE. I would rather work in McDonalds than be a producer in WWE. You talk about a thankless job…Or be on the creative team at WWE, I would rather like, tar driveways in the summer heat than be a creative member of the creative team in WWE. What a terrible job. Sitting around waiting for Vince to write a show and then he crumbles up the show and throws it out. You get yelled at and treated like an idiot. I can’t imagine how frustrating that job would be. But, outside of WWE in the world, I would love to be part of the creative process after I couldn’t wrestle anymore.”

Agree or disagree, his point of view is what it is, and he would have an insight others don’t or refuse to acknowledge.

There’s no arguing that his career really took off after he left the WWE. He’s had a lot of continued success in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as being the top face and current World Champion in AEW. He’s done everything possible to cement himself as one of the top stars in professional wrestling, and even brings to mind “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with his demeanor.

What’s really interesting with him is we usually hear, “If you want to be successful, go to the WWE.”

Jon Moxley has shown it can be done without Vince McMahon and company. He’s the flagbearer for the new brand of professional wrestler that doesn’t need to bend a knee to the head of wresting’s Disney.

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