Bayley def. Lacey Evans, Naomi, Tamina & Sasha Banks | WWE WrestleMania 36 Results

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Bayley def. Lacey Evans, Naomi, Tamina & Sasha Banks | WWE WrestleMania 36 Results

WWE WrestleMania 36 continues. We now have Bayley defending her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in an Elimination Fatal Five-Way against Sasha Banks, Lacey Evans, Naomi and Tamina.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Elimination Fatal Five-Way: Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha immediately double team Tamina but she shoves them away. Lacey and Naomi try the same but she shoves them off too. Now all four other women are hammering at her but Tamina shoves them all away this time. Takes down Naomi and Lacey with strikes, hits the ropes but Naomi grabs the leg to try and trip her. Instead Tamina drags Naomi into the ring by staying up. Sasha and Bayley surprise her with a double team dropkick, driving knee from Sasha sends Tamina to the floor. Stand off now. Bayley starts brawling with Lacey, Sasha starts brawling with Naomi. Sasha headscissors Lacey into the middle turnbuckle, Bayley with a charging knee to the back, double cover but Lacey kicks out! They try a double team arm drag but Naomi pushes Lacey out of harms way, dosie do spot but Sasha and Bayley are rammed into each other, Lacey and Naomi with stereo clotheslines, nearfalls on both of them!

Lacey and Naomi shake hands, Lacey with a roll up for 2, Tamina into the ring to knock them both down. Double clothesline to Bayley and Sasha as well! Lacey with a roll-up on Tamina, she pulls her up and slings her across the ring! Biel to Naomi. Tamina with a charging hip attack to Naomi and Lacey. Tamina with a boot to the throat of Sasha for a 2 count, another with Naomi. Does it with Lacey as well. Finally she actually covers Bayley but this too gets a 2 count. Tamina powers up Bayley but Sasha makes the save, charging dropkick takes Bayley to the floor, Tamina with a thrust kick to the ribs of Lacey takes her out. Three way staredown with Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks. Tamina puts a fist forward, they put ’em together and yell UNITY. Then Tamina superkicks Sasha! TEAM BAD EXPLODES.

Tamina wants to slam Naomi but she counters with a Stunner for a nearfall! Lacey with a Standing Moonsault, double pin for another nearfall! Sasha gets her with a 619! Bayley up top, flying elbow drop to Tamina! Banks with a top rope Frog Splash! Lacey off the second rope with a Moonsault! Finally Naomi with a Split-Legged Moonsault! Dogpile on Tamina and that finally gets her out! Tamina has been eliminated!

Sasha and Bayley bail, but Lacey and Naomi get them with baseball slides! Naomi with a tope to Sasha, Lacey tries one as well but Bayley avoids her and slams her into the steps, pops Naomi up and rams her into the apron! Bayley throws her into the ring, covers for a nearfall. Bayley grinds the boot into her throat, says “You better run you little dance machine”. Whip to the opposite corner. Sasha and Bayley double teaming Naomi in the corner now. They pull her out of the corner, ram her into the buckles. Sasha with a Meteora attempt but Naomi avoids her, to the apron, sunset flip pins them both for a 2 count! Hits the ropes, basement dropkick to each of them! Slide onto her knees, slap to both faces!

Whips Bayley, Rear View but Bayley catches her only for her to turn it into a Wheelbarrow Cutter, Rear View to Sasha, Second Rope Spin Kick, Wheelbarrow Facebuster to Sasha for a nearfall, gets her into a hold but Bayley breaks it up! Sasha with the Backstabber into the Bank Statement and Naomi has to tap out! Naomi has been eliminated. Bayley and Sasha celebrate, now they have the numbers advantage as they tell Naomi to dance to the back. Taunt Lacey, say “C’mon mommy!” as she struggles her way into the ring. Sasha and Bayley stomp her relentlessly into the corner. Double Arm Drag into a Double Side Slam, and they each cover her at once but Evans kicks out! Sasha pulls Lacey to the middle rope and holds her in place, Bayley says “This is for Summer!” and charges for a knee but Lacey avoids it and Bayley hits Sasha! Lacey with a roll-up for a nearfall on Bayley!

Bayley mounts her and pounds on her, angry that she made her hit Sasha. Sasha into the ring pulls her off and yells at her. Bayley pushes Sasha out of the way of a charging Lacey, pushes Evans towards her, Lacey nails her with a Woman’s Right and makes the cover! Bayley just watches as she gets the pin! Bayley charges and pounds Lacey into the mat, mocking her with a salute. At some point Bayley’s nose ring got ripped out, she’s got a red mark there now. Lacey fights back, making her comeback with a series of clotheslines, kick to the gut for a swinging neckbreaker! Lacey charges, wants the Springing Bronco Buster but Bayley puts a stop to that, sends her shoulder first into the ringpost! Loud collision there. Pulls her into the ring, cover for a nearfall!

Bayley working over the right hand of Lacey trying to neutralize the Women’s Right. Takes her into the corner, big clothesline. Takes the tag rope and ties it around her arm. Now just pummeling her in the corner. Charges but Lacey gets a boot up! Lacey escapes from the tag rope, series of big kicks to the midsection! Charges, Springing Bronco Buster! And now a second one! Takes her to the middle, slowly scaling. To the middle rope, salutes, BME for the nearfall! Lacey is pulling her up, but Sasha slips into the ring, Backstabber, Bayley with the Playmaker for the victory!

Winner: Bayley

The turn was teased hard here but Sasha still helped her retain in the end. Afterwards, Sasha picks up the Women’s title and stares at it… before helping put it around Bayley’s waist and raising her hand!

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