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Best Friends def. Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa | AEW Dynamite Results (4/8/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite continues. Cody and Shawn Spears speak on the importance of the TNT Championship leading up to their first round match later on here tonight, which appears to be our main event. Now we have Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa taking on the Best Friends and per stip, if Kenny and Nak win they actually get the Best Friends name! Might even get the theme song in that deal too, that’s some pretty big stakes!

Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa vs. The Best Friends (Chuck & Trent Baretta)

Kenny and Chuck locking up, into the ropes, clean break. Kenny with a wristlock. Chuck slips behind with a waistlock. Kenny escapes into a side headlock, Chuck shoots him off, leap frog, big arms drags and gets him down with an arm wringer! Kenny escapes, both men tag out. Nakazawa gets Trent in the ropes, ties him up, mean knife edge chop! Trent isn’t happy about it. Advances and chops him back! So Nakazawa oiling himself up now. Trent with a chop but it slides right off! And so does the next one! They seem entirely ineffective. Suddenly we cut to the outside and then Trent’s down on a knee, Nakazawa tags to Kenny. They stomp him down and pose, Atomic Drop into an Inverted Atomic Drop, Kitaro Crusher sends Nakazawa onto Trent! Very off-beat.

Nakazawa pulls Trent out and grinds his groin into the post, just going running in place with him! That didn’t look nice at all, commercial break. We come back to see Kenny working over Trent. Nakazawa tags in and knocks Chuck off the apron. Crotches Trent on the top rope! Baby oils the top rope, and there’s the Hentai Slide for a nearfall! I cannot believe Tony Schiavone called that move. What a world this is. Kenny tags in, elbow drops for a 1 count. Rear Chinlock cinched in. Trent fights his way up, body shots. Hits the ropes, Kenny ducks a shot but the second attempt lariat lays him out! Trent finally makes the tag to Chuck who gets both guys with double axe handles and chops. Pounds his chest and hurts himself.

Ducks a charge from Kenny, drop toe holds Nakazawa into his crotch! Clothesline takes Nakazawa to the outside, Best Friends with twin topes! Orange Cassidy in the ring, half thumbs up as the Best Friends go for the group hug but Kenny and Nakazawa pull them out of the ring! They slip into the ring and try for the hug too but Cassidy casually ducks him. Trent and Chuck in the ring to nail them and sen Kenny to the outside! Nakazawa hits the ropes and gets nope’d. Nakazawa fights back by spurting some baby oil into their eyes but it doesn’t work on Cassidy. So Nakazawa pulls them off and throws them away but Cassidy has an extra pair! Ducks a Nakazawa clothesline and suicide dives Omega, Trent with a Tornado DDT on Nakazawa for a nearfall!

Nak ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes for a big driving Spear! Simultags, Kenny is a house of fire now with the axe handles. Trent ducks the Polish Hammer and whips him to the corner but misses the charge, Kenny trying to get him onto the middle ropes, Chuck charges him but gets hit with the You Can’t Escape and Kenny rolls right into the Backstabber to Trent! Snap Dragon attempted but Chuck avoids it, Trent gets it instead! Trent avoids the V-Trigger though and Chuck with the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Trent with the Buisaku Knee! Assisted Sit-Out Powerbomb, Nakazawa breaks up the pin!

Chuck kicks him out of the ring. Kenny takes the advantage over Trent, Buckle Bomb! Nakazawa with an Avalanche Olympic Slam! Kenny and Nak with the Doomsday Device for a nearfall! Kenny gets Chuck out of the ring, Nakazawa pulls out his thong from his trunks! And there’s the Ultimate Venom Arm on Trent! V-Trigger for good measure! Nakazawa takes him down for the nearfall, Chuck has to break it up! Kenny throws him from the ring. Nakazawa tries it again but Trent avoids it and Kenny gets it instead! There’s the Eat Defeat into the Half Nelson Suplex, Kenny breaks it up! Trent with a Leaping Piledriver on Nakazawa, amazingly it’s a nearfall! Kenny gets driven into the barricade, Double Foot Stomp/Dudebuster combo and that is that.

Winners: The Best Friends

And thus the Best Friends stay the Best Friends. Afterwards all five men share in a group hug.

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