Dolph Ziggler vs. Tucker Ends In DQ, Hacker Reveals Truth About The Mandy/Dolph/Otis Love Triangle | WWE SmackDown Results


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues following that replay of Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair at WrestleMania 24, Flair’s last match in WWE. Michael Cole then gives us “breaking news” about another match at WrestleMania and takes us back to what happened last week, in which King Corbin threw Elias off the ‘perch’ of the Performance Center and left him dead on the concrete. The match between the two is ‘still scheduled’ for this weekend but Elias’ health is obviously in question. And now the rumored match has been made official, Goldberg will be defending his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. They just, announced it with no mention of why, not even bringing up Roman Reigns or coming up with an excuse to take him out of the match. Alright then.

Backstage, Tucker Knight comes up to Otis Dozovic and tells him that Mandy Rose asked about him, but he saw her going to Ziggler’s dressing room so he felt she was probably just trying to be nice. He wants to go ahead and get prepared for his match, but Otis gets a text and the sound for it is hilariously reminiscent of the old anonymous GM chime. Otis seems excited about whatever he got and walks off, leaving TUCKY perplexed as he wanted him out there for his match. It’ll be Dolph Ziggler vs. Tucker Knight up next.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tucker Knight

They grapple, Tucker gets a big back elbow that sends him across the ring. Gives him a stomp, running kick. Dolph kicks him in the gut, swinging neckbreaker, leaping elbow drop for a 2 count. Side headlock cinched in, scissoring the left arm, almost putting him in a crossface. Tucker fights his way up, Ziggler trips him down, standing dropkick for a 2 count and the headlock is back in, the left arm is further cinched between the legs now. Tucker again fights his way up, Dolph tries to quell him with strikes, goes for another dropkick but this one’s blocked, Tucker turns it into a catapault into the corner! Charges, Ziggler evades and Tucker goes shoulder-first into the post, Ziggler nails a Leaping DDT as we go to commercial!

We come back to see Tucker fighting to his feet, body blows. Hooks both of Ziggler’s arms for a big throw, Dolph rolls out of the ring. Tucker pursues, rams him into the announce table. Toss into the barricade. Dolph starts crawling up the ramp to make his leave, Tucker pulls him up and whips him into the steps! Tucker tosses the top step away. Throws Ziggler into the ring, pursues, blocks a kick, Side Slam but Dolph gets his foot on the bottom rope! Dolph again bails, Tucker follows and wants to slam him onto the steps but Dolph escapes with a rake of the eyes, Zig Zag lands him right on the steps and that’s a DQ!

Winner: Tucker (By DQ)

Tucker is still laid out on the steps as Dolph picks up the top step and hoists it above his head, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out with Mandy yelling for Dolph to stop. The Heavy Machinery music hits as Otis rushes out to run Ziggler off. Yet more glitchy action… and this time we actually see the back of the hacker himself with a hoodie on. Everyone in the arena stares at the video as he claims “Did you hear me? The truth will be heard.” Shows a video of Sonya and Mandy back on Valentine’s Day. Sonya waits until Mandy leaves and then picks up her phone to the text. This is spliced with Otis getting the text saying she’ll be late and responding, Sonya deleting the texts. We then see a clip of Sonya and Dolph agreeing on the arrangement to make this happen. As we cut back, Sonya tries to explain herself to Mandy but she’s not hearing it, storming off. Meanwhile Otis glares at Dolph, who scrambles away at top speed! Otis goes back to check on Tucker.

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