Drew McIntyre — A Throwback to WWE Glory Years

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Drew McIntyre — A Throwback to WWE Glory Years

There are few wrestlers on WWE’s roster than elicit memories of the 1980s and’90s glory years. In fact, it’s easier to point out the dearth of talent, whether through bad booking or an individual’s abilities, than to point to someone that’s attention grabbing. Enter Drew McIntyre, a true throwback to WWE glory years.

He’s got the “it” factor

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has previously said he thought McIntyre could be one of the greats. It looks likes Vince McMahon agrees as McIntyre got a huge push shortly afterwards. We’ve seen the potential over the last few months as McIntyre exudes charisma and great one-liners like “the crowd goes mild” in an empty arena.

It’s a story of either a writer finding a connection with him or Drew McIntyre has been allowed to ad-lib his lines. However they figured out how to make it work, it’s been gold during his rise to WWE World Heavyweight Champion and beyond.

In truth, it’s fair to say Drew McIntyre is the present and future of the WWE.

This is going to be debated by many, but it’s obvious going by the support on social media since the empty arenas, but before then he was getting among the biggest crowd reactions.

He could compete in the ‘80s and ‘90s

McIntyre’s size and athleticism and charisma would allow him to compete in any era and succeed. He’s a great combination of all the qualities that made the WWE a success. It’d be awesome to see him work with The Rock, Steve Austin, Randy Savage, or Hulk Hogan in their primes.

He’s one you can see studies and pays attention to what the older wrestlers say or have done. He’s one of the few that seem to understand ring psychology and can convey his emotions with a facial gesture and put together a great story in the ring.

What really made him stand out wasn’t his beyond bad match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 (a finisher expose is NOT a match), but when he faced the Big Show half an hour later. It was everything we expected and deserved (as did McIntyre) as a WrestleMania match.

He and the Big Show were allowed to put on a match to put McIntyre over, and it did the job perfectly.

Prior to this, McIntyre said Lesnar had gone above and beyond to put him over leading up to their match, and it showed as Lesnar could be heard telling him to pick up the belt after being claymored on the stage on Raw.

McIntyre has paid attention and is primed for a huge run.

This could all change

But as great as McIntyre can be, it can all change in an instant and I’m not talking about injury. there’s a downside to this as well. And it’s been the WWE’s recent penchant for changing their champions into bigger faces and make them protective of the brand they represent.

Everyone loved Seth Rollins as an anti-hero, but then they turned him into a goofy, loving, and kind face when his and Becky Lynch’s relationship became public. He’s perfect as an anti-hero or heel, not a face.

Drew McIntyre can play both a heel and face, but they need to allow him to keep his edge and build on that instead of smoothing it out like they did for Rollins.

This is the WWE’s chance to begin righting the ship, so let’s hope they don’t mess it up by changing McIntyre’s character or having him lose the belt for a long time. They need a legitimate, believable champion for each brand, and they have them in place. Changing any of them in the near future won’t do the company any good.

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