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Drew McIntyre def. The Big Show | WWE Raw Results (4/6/2020)


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Drew McIntyre def. The Big Show | WWE Raw Results (4/6/2020)

WWE Monday Night Raw continues. They’re hyping up ‘shocking footage’ of what happened after Drew McIntyre’s defeat of Brock Lesnar last night. But first, Humberto Carrillo comes out for our next match.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Brendan Vink

Carrillo gets Vink with a quick headscissor taking him out of the ring. He goes out and throws him back in but as he rolls back in Vink surprises him with a kick to the head for a 2 count. Chinlock cinched in. Kicks him into the corner, biel throw. Snapmare into a big chinlock. Carrillo escapes from a back suplex, gets the boot up in the corner. Springboard Crossbody for a 1 count, Missile Dropkick nailed, and then a Dragon Whip gets him down! No ropes Handspring Moonsault! Up top for a genuine Moonsault and that earns him the win.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Just some easy momentum.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed and talks about how Flair had all the custom cars and suits and everyone thinks the suit makes the man but no, her dad always told her, it’s the man who makes the suit. Everyone thinks the title makes the superstar but the superstar makes the title. Charlotte makes every title she wears and now she’s once again the NXT Women’s Champion. “Rhea Ripley…? She’s alright. But she does what every woman in the WWE does… bow down to the queen.”

We see a highlight reel of Lesnar/McIntyre which, basically shows you the entire match just editing out the breaks. They then tease breaking news, and mention shocking footage from after the Lesnar/McIntyre match. We now see it, McIntyre celebrating with the WWE Championship. Interviewer Girl #2 is in the ring with him to congratulate him and asks if the magnitude of what he’s accomplished has hit him yet. Drew says no. It’s only been twenty minutes, he hasn’t had the chance to talk to his family or anybody. But he took the time to get the plates changed. He says he wants to thank Paul Heyman. During the match he came in physically, mentally and emotionally ready. He saw something in Lesnar’s eyes that he’d never seen before. But there was a point where Paul Heyman said “Keep giving him the F-5 Brock! He can’t keep kicking out!”

McIntyre said that obviously Paul didn’t know Drew McIntyre. In his personal and professional life he’s fought his way and never given up. Everytime he hit the F-5, he stopped getting hurt and started getting angrier. He was gonna Claymore him as many times as it took and as of 23 minutes ago now, Drew McIntyre is the WWE Champion! And then… and then… the Big Show’s music hit to interrupt him and I’m actually dying laughing at this holy crap. Big Show enters the ring and puts him over for what he just did. But now there’s a talented roster hunting him down. It’s a big man’s world, and he may think he’s a big man but there’s someone bigger.

Says he’s not here to challenge him for the WWE Championship but they’re both dressed to compete and they got a ref so why not? Drew says he doesn’t know why Big Show is dressed to compete but they’re not fighting right here. Show thinks he’s afraid of him. Drew says this isn’t his first night, he knows Big Show is trying to push his buttons but there is nothing he can say to convince him to fight him tonight. So Big Show slaps him across the face. And now… there’s a match.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. The Big Show

Whip reversed takes Drew into the corner. Kicks him around, chokes him against the middle rope. Pulls him to his feet on the apron and chokes him against the ropes. Pulls him back into the ring, body slam. Yells “I’m the World’s Largest Athlete” and headbutts him. Clubbering blow to the chest. Vader Bomb for a nearfall! Slaps him across the chest. Body slam. Asks him if he wants to be WWE Champion and stay champion. Asks what he’s made of as he keeps choking him against the rope for the four count. Says he’s almost broken. Leans him against the ropes, Drew avoids a chop and gives him one of his own. Show reverses a whip, goozle! McIntyre escapes the chokeslam, and body slams the Big Show! It was a legit one too, he actually had him up. Goes up top, flies off the top but Big Show catches him with a Chokeslam out of the air! NARROW NEARFALL, Big Show just came perilously close to becoming WWE Champion! Big Show loads up the KO Punch, Drew ducks it, hits the ropes, nails the Claymore and that is that.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Well that was neat. That sure was nothing like what you’d expect from a Raw after WrestleMania but that’s okay. The spirit of that show will have to wait until whichever first show they have with fans in attendance again.

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