Edge def. Randy Orton In Last Man Standing Match | WWE WrestleMania 36 Results

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Edge def. Randy Orton In Last Man Standing Match | WWE WrestleMania 36 Results

WWE WrestleMania 36 rolls on! Finally we have the Last Man Standing match between Edge and Randy Orton! Randy’s not coming out of the entrance yet… looks like… yep, he sneaks up behind him for an RKO! He was dressed in a black hoodie, disguised as a cameraman just as Edge once did to the Undertaker! Ref demands that Edge get to his feet before the match starts.

Last Man Standing Match: Edge vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings as Edge struggles to his feet. Orton avoids a punch and plants him with a second RKO! This one might not be lasting too long after all. The first ten count starts. Randy taunts Edge, tells him he loved him like a brother, this is all because of him. At 8, Edge slips under the ropes to the floor and breaks the count. Orton follows him and grabs the camera again, slams it right into Edge’s face, sending him over the barricade and to the floor! Count starts again. Edge makes it back up at 7, Randy blasts him with European Uppercut and they fight into the backstage area. Into the gym now, Orton slams Edge’s face against a table! Count starts once more as Orton takes note of the equipment. Picks up a big length of chain as Edge gets up at five. Orton with a knee to the gut, clobbering strike to the back of the head. Pulls Edge up, hooks his arm and head into stirrups! As he chokes him, Orton tells him that he’ll always love him and pounds him with punches and kicks until he slumps to the floor. Demands the ref count and he does.

As he counts, Orton grabs a big weight but Edge grabs some monkey bars and swings himself into a dropkick! That weight landed on Orton’s chest and now he’s winded! Orton struggles his way up but Edge lays him out with a heymaker. After a 2 count he gets to his knees where Edge pounds him with shots to the chest! Orton is up at 4, but Edge slams him repeatedly into the table and yells out in anger. Edge sits Orton down on a leather chair and pounds on him, takes a step back, driving forearm to the face. He staggers over to the stirrups, again pulls himself up with some bars, and hurls himself at Orton, tipping over the chair! Edge runs through the sled, hopping off it for a flying clothesline! The count starts. At 6 Orton is back up but Edge clobbers him in the back, yells “Nine years, Randy!” as he goes for a whip but Orton reverses and sends him right into the steel wall!

Count starts again and Edge is dazed. Orton grabs the sled and lines it up. Pushes it Edge’s way but he just barely rolls out of the way! Exchange of forearms and punches now! Edge wins out and grabs Orton, taking him over to an equipment case and slams him right into it! Punch to the face, Orton is sent staggering. He’s trying to retreat now as they fight into the very red hallway. Edge slams Orton right into a steel garage door. Orton is slowly getting back up at 6, Edge tosses him into the door again and he stumbles forward through the curtain. Past that is the stage, or close to it. Edge pulls Orton out onto it, they fight to their feet but Orton escapes, rams into an LED board! Orton tosses him off the stage area and he flies onto the barricade, rough landing!

Ref starts the count once more. At 9 he baaarely gets up using the barricade to pull himself to his feet. Orton pelts him with strikes, slams him into the barricade. Edge trying to get some space now. They seem to be going near the doctor’s area. Orton takes him out into a different hallway, rams him right into a glass window! Seems pretty damn solid. Ref wants a count. Edge is trying to pull himself up using Orton’s legs. As he gets back up, Orton rams him into the wall. Pulls him into the office area. Edge counters and sends Orton into a rolling chair! Slams him into a portrait and Orton is down, count commences. At 9 he beats the count, Edge gets him with a kick to the gut and sends him sliding on the massive table! There’s not really room to stand on the table but he does anyway, grabs the chain links and pulls himself up Spider-Man Style, drops into an Elbow Drop! Count commences. Orton beats it, Edge pulls him off the table. Randy with a thumb to the eye to retake control, slams Edge into the camera man, the camera falls and the guy seems laid out as they fight out of the hallway!

Now they’re out in the storage facility! Nothing but concrete around here. Tosses Orton right into a setup ladder and sends it falling! Slams him facefirst into the steel! Orton trying to retreat, lures Edge in, gets him with a knee to the gut. Slams him onto a metal crate! And now he’s rolling it. No, he pulls Edge off of it and slams him into some sound equipment. Edge finds a steel chair… Orton stomps the hand to keep it away from him. Tosses the chairs aside, yelling “No no no no no no”. Orton pulls Edge up, slams him into the inner side of some steel steps! Count commences. Edge barely pulls himself up at 9, Orton with some stiff forearms drops him again.

Edge is crawling across the cement, going towards a promo area. Orton stomps the hand of Edge again. Grinds the boot into his face. Orton pours a bottle of water on his face as the count kicks up again. Edge gets up at 5 and fires a desperation shot. Edge falls again but throws something at Orton’s leg and fells him! Edge with a punt to the ribs! Count starts. Orton pulls himself up on an equipment box. Edge pulls him off, another stiff forearm. They both seem exhausted. Edge with a driving knee to the side as Orton is laid out on a table. Axe handle blows to the chest, Edge finds a ladder and starts climbing! The ref starts counting but Edge keeps climbing! He’s up on top of a garage area now… flying elbow drop right through the table! Count commences, Orton back up at 8! Edge with forearms, Orton fleeing. Orton has a cut on his back now. Edge pursues, Orton stops him with a kick to the gut, elbow to the head.

They’re going over towards a production truck now. There’s a forklift. Randy takes Orton over to a pick-up truck and slams him facefirst onto the lowered door. Edge has to pull his way up with it to break the count. Orton again slams him onto it, takes him up into the bed of the truck. Edge crawls onto the roof of the truck. Orton telsl the ref he doesn’t need to count… grabs Edge by the head, DRAPING DDT RIGHT ONTO THE TRUCKBED! Daaaaaamn! Edge is twitching a little now. Pulls himself up on the crates, he’s climbing up… up onto the production truck now!! Orton laughs, seemingly thinking Edge is leaving. Orton slowly pursues him, climbing up the boxes as well. This seems extremely precarious.

Slowly but surely Orton rolls on top of the production truck. They’re both very high up now. Orton gets some distance… starts stalking!! He’s looking for the Punt! Charges! EDGE SPEARS HIM! Orton beats the count at 9!! Edge charges again – ORTON STOPS HIM WITH AN RKO! That’s the third he’s taken this match and this one was onto the top of a production truck! Orton is just leaving looks like, climbing down the boxes… Edge baaaarely makes it up to break the count and then he collapses as Orton sits on the truck bed. Randy retrieves a steel chai, no… two of them! Had to get to this eventually. He takes both chairs up atop the truck, slams one of them hard against the back of Edge!

Orton tells the ref to stop counting, drops a chair and presses Edge’s face onto it, telling Edge that he’s his friend and he can go back to his girls now. Orton staggers back and takes up the other chair. Ref tries to talk some sense into him. Orton goes for the Conchairto but Edge pops up and gets him into the Cobra Clutch, choking him out! He fades, and Edge leaves him laid out, his face pressed against the chair… the ref starts counting but Edge takes up the other chair. Edge tells him to stop his f*cking count! Edge is getting emotional about what he’s about to do. Takes a deep breath, and delivers the most brutal Conchairto of all time! Orton is twitching as the ref counts. Orton cannot make it to his feet or even begin to get up.

Winner: Edge

That was exactly the finish I suspected and the correct one for the story. Absolutely incredible, they took the opportunity to have the kind of match that you never could’ve done in any other situation. What a return for Edge this has been, what a fantastic angle. If it’s not WWE’s best storyline of 2020 I can’t wait to see what beats it.

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