Into the Vault: WWE In Your House

Into the Vault: WWE In Your House

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In May 1995, WWE presented a new PPV series: WWF In Your House. Now it’s called WWE In Your House: Premiere. The best thing about this show is that it was kept tight with six matches. Also, these PPVs were cheaper than the big four you’d purchase.  

WWE should’ve kept that same energy because between the Attitude Era and now, the company has come up with a number of throwaway PPVs and event series that are no longer around. Actually, even today anything that isn’t Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlamor Survivor Series should just be an In Your House with a subtitle event. That’s just me. 

Let’s get into this show. 


There was one qualifying match for King of the Ring which Mabel won, defeating Adam Bomb. Neither of those two were ever good in the ring at this point and Mabel was probably one of the latest bloomers. He always had the potential to be this main event monster but it was extremely slow growth for him. Trash match. 

Owen Hart and Yokozuna’s defense of the Tag Team titles should’ve had a little more time. They made a good team and The Smoking Gunns were a good combination. It just could’ve been a bit better if it was the same length or a little longer than their WrestleMania XI showdown. 

The short feud between Bret and Lawler in 1995 was a reboot from the one they had in 1993—which was really enjoyable. Their showdown at the first In Your House could’ve easily been on Raw. Also, Diesel vs. Sid for the World title could’ve been a Raw main event. I dig both Sid and Diesel but I didn’t care to see them against each other here. 


You know what? The two opening bouts of this show: Bret Hart vs. Hakushi and Jeff Jarrett teaming with The Roadie against Razor Ramon are both mid. Nowhere near bad but not exactly good. They serve to push their storylines and are actually two of the best matches on WWE In Your House—which is no surprise.  

Had 1-2-3 Kid not gotten injured I think the tag match with Jarrett, Razor, and The Roadie could’ve bumped this match into the exotic-tier. 

WWE In Your House Verdict: 4.5/10 

All the low-tier stuff is Raw is War and the mid-tier stuff the Warzone hour. Basically, 332,000 people paid $20 to watch Monday Night Raw. Just watching the opening bouts, it seems like bait to stick around for the rest of the show only to be gradually disappointed. There were 1995 Raw shows that weren’t bad! You’d think since it’s a PPV it would be a solid-at-minimum show. 


WWE WrestleMania XI Score: 5.5/10 

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