Is WWE Building Up Liv Morgan For Money In The Bank?

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Is WWE Building Up Liv Morgan For Money In The Bank?

Ever since her loss to Charlotte Flair in 2019 broke her spirit, and caused a change within her, Liv Morgan has been a new type of competitor. More calculated and focused, she no longer just has potential to be a star, she is on her way. After a huge win at Wrestlemania 36 against the veteran and former champion Natalya, and a great showing against Asuka on the following episode of RAW, is Liv Morgan set for success?

Money In The Bank Helps Make Stars

While the Women’s Money In the Bank match lacks the amount of history as the mens variant, it has helped several superstars win the RAW or Smackdown Women’s Championships. Carmella got the biggest benefit, winning her first (and so far only) Women’s Championship after winning the match. Alexa Bliss & Bayley have also won and were able to cash in successfully to win gold. With the next PPV for WWE being Money In The Bank, it is a natural time to try out new faces like Liv Morgan.

Liv Morgan Is Popular With Fans

Despite her status as an under card star up until this point, Liv Morgan has built up a fan base. People root for the underdogs, and Liv has always filled that role since her days in NXT. They have been eager to see her succeed, and been pleased by her constant improvement in the ring. This makes her a smart choice to focus on, as the Women’s division lacks a good crop of fan favorites at this point. Even her involvement in the absurd Bobby Lashley & Lana angle hasn’t hurt her status with fans, with people looking past the odd circumstances of her re-debut.

A Daredevil Has The Advantage In Money In The Bank

Liv Morgan has shown that she is someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, or be hurt in the ring. This is a major advantage for a chaotic ladder match, as you are sure to take plenty of abuse if you win or lose. This suits Liv Morgan perfectly.

Do you think WWE has plans to build Liv Morgan up as a major player for the RAW Women’s Division in 2020? Does she have a good chance of winning Money in the Bank? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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