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Matt Hardy Challenges Chris Jericho To The “Elite Deletion” | AEW Dynamite Results (4/8/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite rolls on. We’ll be hearing from Matt Hardy aka Damascus soon. But first, another Brodie Lee video airs. He pulls up to a building and asks his Creepers if they understand that perception equals reality. Asks why they are dressed like they are as opposed to the Creeper in the dress shirt and tie. Says they look like they could be one of ‘them’. When it’s laborious and a sacrifice to them that means they’re looking at the exit ramp and not the highway ahead. Unlimited potential and success. Demands they get their act together and takes the tie-wearing Creeper with him into the building. Britt Baker is backstage being interviewed, blood still all over her face, says Shida is the dirtiest wrestler she ever set foot in the ring with. And she should be thankful that she didn’t touch her teeth. But even if she did she could fix them herself because she’s a dentist!

We then see more from Hager and Mox. Hager says his wife deserves only the best. Mox continues talking up how their match is going to be violent and not for the faint of heart. Hager says he’s a winner and winners win championships. What the Inner Circle has taught him in a very short time has been incredible, each one of them are different and have given them something that they needed. Jon says the question is do you have what it takes to dig down deeper than him? We see the Tale of the Tape between them. Hager says no one is more suited to a No Holds Barred match than him and next week fans can expect to see Moxley hit harder than he’s ever been hit in his career and they can expect to see a new AEW World Champion. Moxley says there’s no hiding, no running, no judge’s scorecards, there’s no way out but through him, he’s forced Hager to fight him. Hager says reality is staring Moxley in the face and reality spells out H-A-G-E-R. Mox says next week it’s just him and Jake, no roar of the crowd, just him and Jake Hager. Jake claims that AEW would be much better off with him as world champion. Mox says this match takes a different mindset, to say in no uncertain terms, “I am going to f*ck you up.”

Matt Hardy calls Sammy Guevara a False God, perhaps even a fake Latino. Says Santina and Ortiz, Proud & Powerful? More like Loud & Devourable! Says Jake Hager was once well-spoken and intelligent but Jericho has taken over his mind. If you put bolts in his neck you could call him Jakenstein! Matt calls out Jericho for trying to recruit his most loyal soldier Vanguard 1! He then goes out to greet V1 and ask for him to give him the shirt he took from Jericho. But instead V1 has one of Matt’s shirts instead and explains that he’s put the Inner Circle shirt into a fire. Matt Hardy then challenges the Hole of the Ass to come to his compound and face him in the Elite Deletion!

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