NXT UK Results: 20 Man Battle Royal For Shot At NXT UK Champion, WALTER

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The main event of this weeks episode of NXT UK saw 20 of the stars of the NXT Men’s Division duke it out for a shot at the NXT UK Championship, currently held by The Ring General, WALTER. Kassius Ohno, Ligero, Dave Mastiff, NXT Crusierweight Champion Jordan Devlin, Tyler Bate, Ashton Smith, Noam Dar, Tyson T-Bone, Joe Coffey, Alexander Wolfe, Flash Morgan Webster, Ridge Holland, Ilja Dragunov, Oliver Carter, Trent Seven, Kenny Williams, Travis Banks, Saxon Huxley, A-Kid & Amir Jordan would fill the ring, but only one would stand tall.

For those upset that we won’t be seeing any battle royal matches at Wrestlemania 36, this one should satisfy that craving. 20 of the best that NXT UK has to offer would all create some chaos in this match. From tag teams to rivals, there was a lot of interactions to happen in this match. Who will be the next to face WALTER?

A Battle Royal Is A Recipe For Chaos

The bell would ring with Kassius Ohno standing in the middle of the ring, surrounded by 19 men, and the Wrestling Genius would be signaled out and thrown out first. Chaos would then begin, as everyone split off to attack each other. The high flying Kenny Williams would be the next elimination, after Saxon Huxley would throw him over the top rope, before nearly being taken out by his tag team partner, Tyson T-Bone. Elsewhere, Flash Morgan Webster would take the fight to Joe Coffey, and would be sent flying off the apron with a huge shoulder block.

Saxon Huxley woud try for his second elimination, but the tables would turn as Amir Jordan got him over the top with a headscissors. Amir Jordan would attempt another quick elimiation with A-Kid, but he would land on the shoulders of Saxon Huxley. With his feet having not touched the floor, he would apply a sleeper hold to Saxon to make him head to the ring, and would successfully get back in the ring. Kofi Kingston would be proud of that spot.

The Field Begins To Thin Out

Back in the ring, Travis Banks would eliminate Tyson T-Bone from the match, knocking him off the apron with a kick. Banks would soon find himself out of the match, after being slammed into the mat by Dave Mastiff and taken over the top with a lariat. Fourteen men remained, and the field began to thin out. Mastiff would get his second elimination after throwing Amir Jordan over his shoulders, who landed almost groin first on the apron on his way down.

Ridge Holland would attempt to eliminate the tag team of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, but Smith would save his partner before being sent out by Holland. Carter would be soon behind, joining his partner after a belly to belly suplex over the top rope. Not to be outdone in elimiations, Mastiff would throw Ligero over the top rope for his third elimination.

And Then There Were Ten

Mastiff and Holland would stand off in the middle of the ring, but Noam Dar snuck from behind with a kick to the hamstrings of Mastiff. Dar would take the fight to Holland, and would eat a big capture suplex and rolled under the bottom rope, catching his breath while remaining in the match. Holland would not remain in the match however, as Joesph Connors would come to ringside and steal the hat and bat Holland uses for his entrance. This distraction let Dragunov & Coffey eliminate Holland. Connors will pay for this one.

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven would entertain as they spun A-Kid and Jordan Devlin with Airplane Spins, before squaring off for the first time in NXT UK. Seven got the advantage, but hesitated to eliminate his partner. Coffey would take advantage and Seven is out. Devlin would make use of his gigantic head to eliminate A-Kid, sending him off the apron. After cleaning house in the ring, Devlin would be surprised by Noam Dar, who snuck from behind to throw Devlin out. Mastiff would make quick work of Dar after this, trying to get his fourth elimination in this match. Dar would turn the tables, and the remaining men rallied to get Mastiff out. Five men would remain, and that would but cut down to four as Tyler Bate took out Noam Dar.

The Final Four

A man would rest in each corner, with Tyler Bate, Joe Coffey, Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov remaining in the match. They would rise, taunt and go to battle amongst each other. While Coffey was busy with Dragunov, Alexander Wolfe would come from behind and hit a huge dropkick to send Coffey over the top. The Iron King remained defiant, holding on by one hand until Wolfe used Dragunov as a weapon to remove Coffey from this match. Dragunov and Bate would team up against the Insurance Policy of Imperium, and while Wolfe would impress with some excellent dodges and suplexes, he would find himself out after taking a rebound suplex from Bate which left him staggered; and Dragunov charging in to eliminate Wolfe. Two remain as a loud NXT chant rang through the crowd.

Tyler Bate vs. Ilja Dragunov

A stiff chop would drop Bate, as Dragunov would try to end things quick. More swift strikes would break down Bate, but the inaugral NXT UK Champion wouldn’t go down easy. He would hit Bop & Bang to catch some breath, as both men were exhausted. Dragunov would hit a huge elbow, but as he went for a crossbody, Bate would catch him. Unable to get him over the top rope, he hit an exploder suplex followed by a running shooting star press. Dragunov would hit a massive clothesline to even the odds once again. Bate would be thrown into the ropes, before coming back with a springboard lariat. Dragunov would one up this, begin thrown to the ropes onto to do a 619 through and come back with a lariat of his own.

Elbow strikes would be exchanged as they got back to a vertical base, with Dragunov winning out. He would try and ram Bate in the corner, but Bate landed on his feet on the apron. A suplex attempt would be snuffed out with a chop, only for Bate to try again soon after and be sent into the ring. A huge senton from the top left Bate winded, and his last ditch effort was a rolling kick into the Tyler Driver ’97. Dragunov would reverse this, sending Bate over the top rope. Bate would attempt to skin the cat, but it was too late. Dragunov ran in and knocked him off with a huge European uppercut.

Ilja Dragunov Stands Tall

After a fantastic performance, the one left standing was Ilja Dragunov. The Man Russian has experience with WALTER from smaller promotions, but their next clash will come for NXT UK. Will the pure aggression and energy of Dragunov be enough to knock of WALTER? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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