The 5 Worst Davids In Pro Wrestling

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There are good Johnnies in wrestling and there are awesome Daniels. I would say that there are Jodies who rock but there is only a handful of Jodies of note in the business. Jeffreys pop up everywhere in wrestling. Do you know who else pops up everywhere? Davids. Let’s get into the five of the worst Davids in wrestling. “Why are you hating on Davids? What did we ever do to you?” Don’t worry, we’ll go into the five best Davids as well but right now, we need to remember that Davids, Davies, and Daves have all given us some atrocious stuff in wrestling. 

David Arquette (2000): WCW World Champion

A big fan of wrestling, David Arquette made his debut in 2000 for WCW in time for Ready to Rumble which ended up doing poorly. His matches in WCW were all…not worth watching at all and people really soured on him winning the WCW World title—which he didn’t even want. Nor did the fans obviously.  

Since 2018, he has gotten actual training and is much better than he was 18 years prior. Plus, he’s enjoying himself and that shows in the ring. Really, him improving and wanting to wrestle on the indies is why he’s at five and not higher. 

David Crockett: Veteran Commentator In NWA

long-time commentator in the NWA, he is one of four Crockett children and one of three who were heavily involved in the business. During the 1980s, he co-hosted NWA World Championship Wrestling with Tony Schiavone for years and the pair actually worked pretty well. So why is he on this list? Because when David was either the sole commentator or was the main one calling the action, he came off as extremely awkward.  

There’s nothing wrong with being a little awkwardness that just means you’re finding yourself in whatever field. However, he had this thing he did during matches where he would grunt suggestively when calling submission holds. This is in addition to the dead air during some matches when he called them solo. Luckily, it was rare. 

David Sammartino: A Significantly Better David Flair

The son of the great Bruno Sammartino is on this list for one reason: he failed to live up to the expectations of being Bruno’s son. Now, those are mainly fan expectations but he fell ridiculously short. This was another guy who was voted Rookie of the Year by PWI in 1981 but he actually had potential. The thing is that David wasn’t awful at all—there have been worse sons of wrestlers. However, being on a stage such as WWE he didn’t swim like he was expected to and sunk like a rock.


David Otunga: 2010 Rookie of the Year?

This guy. Apparently, he impressed Pro Wrestling Illustrated enough that he won Rookie of the Year in 2010. However, he was never that impressive in the ring or the mic. I mean, there’s a reason he hasn’t been in the ring since 2015 and really hasn’t done anything on TV recently. The guy was lousy to the point that WWE figured it was a fine idea to torture house show attendants by putting him against Great Khali several times in a row in January 2013. 

David Flair: Oh Davey…

Predictable, right? Luckily David Flair never got Rookie of the Year because—c’mon. Being the son of Ric Flair is a lot to live up to and honestly, David could’ve paved his own path in wrestling without being tied so closely to Ric and would’ve probably been remembered more fondly. Instead, he was in the thick of a major feud and featured on TV regularly doing little interesting. Then once he got in the ring…oof. Just…oof. 

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