What Is Next For Deonna Purrazzo Following WWE Release?

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One WWE release that has went under the radar in WWE is that of The Virtuoso Deonna Purrazzo. One of the talent women of the NXT Undercard, Purrazzo most recetly was part of the second chance gauntlet match in NXT, where she was eliminated by Shotzi Blackheart. One of the most technically efficient talents in the world, her release was a surprising one as she was getting decent traction even appearing on Monday Night RAW. So the question is, what is next for Deonna Purrazzo?

One Of The Hardest Working Wrestler In The World

Prior to her WWE signing, you had a 25% chance of seeing Purrazzo every time you turned on a wrestling show. She was working absolutely everywhere, appearing for 18 different promotions in 2018 for a total of 68 matches. Wrestling in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada during that time, she really honed her craft which lead her to a deal with WWE where she became a heavy presence on the NXT Live Event system. All these miles have only made her better, as she improves with every match.

Deonna Purrazzo Would Benefit Any Small Womens’s Division On The Globe

While in WWE they have too much talent to place full focus on anyone that isn’t a proven star, other companies like Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and Ring Of Honor would get a major boost adding a competitor like Purrazzo to their ranks. Ring Of Honor was her main promotion in 2017 & 2018, being a major player in their Women Of Honor division, meaning that could be a very likely spot for her to settle back into.

Stardom Was Another One Of Her Homes

Deonna was able to find great competition to improve her skills when she was involved with the Japanese promotion Stardom. She was even was able to challenge for their one of their top prizes in 2018, challenging Momo Watanabe for the Wonder Of Stardom Championship. With Stardom looking to expand as a company going forward, Purrazzo would be an excellent name to add to the roster.

Hard work will always pay off, and while WWE didn’t work out for Deonna Purrazzo, she will land on her feet and be better than ever. The women of wrestling better keep a close eye on their arms, as a Fujiwara Armbar is never far. Where do you think Deonna Purrazzo will end up? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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