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Wrestle-1 Officially Closes Their Doors


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Wrestle-1 Officially Closes Their Doors

After year years of operating in the red finacally and never becoming the success story that Keiji Mutoh wanted, Wrestle-1 seem to have run their final show on April 1st, 2020. The small japanese wrestling company was founded in 2013, and despite crossovers with companies like Impact Wrestling, even helping host a Bound For Glory event; they never truly found their footing in the market. Rumors were swirling that the end was near, and that seems to have finally come.

Wrestle-1 Thanked Their Fans For Support On Twitter After One Final Show

Considering the situation of COVID-19, their final show is something no wrestling company wants. It was done without the fans who supported them along the way in the stands. The talent of Wrestle-1 gathered in Kouraken Hall in Tokyo, Japan for one final show. It can be watched online, but there was no fans in attendence. The translated tweet stated the following.

“Today’s performance has ended.
It was a tournament where the last match was held before the suspension of the activity in the spectator game, but I think that it became a tournament packed with the uniqueness of WRESTLE-1.
Watch the broadcast on GAORA.
Thank you very much for supporting us for just under 7 years!”

Fans responded with many thanks for all the good memories, and wished the talent the best of luck going forward.

What Will Keiji Mutoh Do Next?

With Wrestle-1 having closed it’s doors, wrestling legend Keiji Mutoh will likely find a new project. Wrestle-1 was started after he left All Japan Pro Wrestling, and it was meant to carry the same fighting spirit as AJPW but with more entertainment and western influence. This should have made it an easy to digest company for western fans, but they simply never reached that market. He has started a promotion of sorts with Pro Wrestling Masters, a legends show of sorts.

There is a chance they will be bought out and turned into NXT Japan, with Mutoh potentially being a top trainer for the system. He was one of the first Japanese stars to have success in North America as The Great Muta, and could help spread his years of knowledge to even more fans. It’s unlikely anything will be happening until the global pandemic is over, but then it could help to keep an eye to the the situation. Should this company become NXT Japan? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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