WWE Vince McMahon Added to President Trump’s Economic Advisory Group – What it Means for WWE

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WWE Vince McMahon Added to President Trump’s Economic Advisory Group – What it Means for WWE

With the coronavirus threat seemingly have peaked according to some reports, President Donald Trump has put together an economic group tasked with coming up with the best possible way to restart the United States economy when everything settles down.

Within this group is another that is mainly sports-based commissioners and owners — essentially top business people that know what it takes to build something and survive. It helps McMahon and President Trump share a working history.

The Great American Economic Revival Industry Group

According to CBSsports.com, this group includes sixteen people:

NBA – Adam Silver

MLB – Rob Manfred

NFL – Roger Goodell

UFC – Dana White

PGA – Jay Monahan

LPGA – Mike Whan

USTA – Patrick Galbraith

MLS – Don Garber

WWE – Vince McMahon

NASCAR – Lesa Kennedy

NHL – Gary Bettman

New England Patriots – Bob Kraft

Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones

Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban

WNBA – Cathy Engelbert

NWSL – Lisa Baird

While Trump has said he wants sports back, this isn’t about rushing into anything, but putting together a plan that would allow them to return and help jumpstart parts of the economy like local vendors and so forth.

This is a feeling shared by many, and while we all understand the need for everyone to suspend operations, many have lost their escape into them. Many cities like San Francisco are talking about shifting back to normal procedures following the pandemic, so this is pretty normal. We’re getting close to being able to restart society, and it’s something that can’t just be done with the flip of a switch.

WWE continues

While other sports and professional wrestling companies have suspended their operations, the WWE and AEW continued pre-recording their shows at a huge loss to stay in the public eye and to give us the escape we crave.

But now with Vince McMahon’s attention being split, could this mean he’s going to allow Triple H to run things at WWE? He’d still have final say because he’s going to ensure he has final say until the day he dies.

This doesn’t mean he won’t allow Triple H more control, especially short term. This would be a great opportunity for others in creative positions like Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard to push some boundaries. Who knows, this could be the birth of a new era?

McMahon has proven he’s capable of leading his company through hard times, a trait shared by the other names on the above list.

Society has always found a way to continue, and this will be no different. We’re all thankful things weren’t as bad as many expected. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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