AEW Speculation: Can Kip Sabian Trust Jimmy Havoc?

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There is a rising tag team in All Elite Wrestling, the British tandem of ‘Superbad’ Kip Sabian and ‘The Prince Of Deathmatches’ Jimmy Havoc. They have proven themselves worthy with some top level matches against Trent & Chucky T of The Best Friends, and even beat SCU to earn a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships. With Penelope Ford in their corner, they are a force to be reckoned with, but could their biggest threat be within their own ranks?

Jimmy Havoc Is Unhinged At Best, Dangerous At Worst

While Havoc & Sabian are clearly good friends, even being roommates alongside Penelope Ford, but it is still hard to imagine them remaining this close forever. It could take a single high profile loss, a single miscommunication and they could go to same way as many teams in the history of wrestling. Even a good friendship can’t top the fact that Havoc simply enjoys hurting people. You have to to be able to win a tournament like the CZW Tournament Of Death, and to go to war with a legend of the deathmatch like ‘The Original Death Dealer’ Luther. He is a master of the british catch wrestling style, but instead leans into ultra-violence.

Kip Sabian Has Huge Babyface Potential

While since the start of AEW, he has played the role of a cocky heel, Kip Sabian has not had the best success in this role. He was one of the men eliminated in the first round of the TNT Championship tournament, and has far from the best singles win record. Something simply is not working for Sabian. It isn’t clear what it is, but should Havoc turn on Sabian? He could find what that is during what would likely be a heated and dangerous feud. It would be hard to not be sympathetic if Sabian tortured in an unsanctioned match, forced to enter the world of Havoc. It could be the start of his rise in the company, something which feels inevitable.
Do you think that Kip Sabian is wise to trust Jimmy Havoc as a tag team partner? Will they be able to beat Hangman Page & Kenny Omega next week to become the next AEW Tag Team Champions, or will their foundations crumble? Let us know what you think about this in the comment section down below.
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