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The AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Buy-In has begun! We’ve got a nice stage setup, the same chips from last year joined by a giant hand of cards and some slot machines. Taz and Excalibur are our pre-show team and they do a quick card rundown. We see a video of Tony Schiavone interviewing Jake Roberts as Lance Archer warms up by hitting a tire with a sledgehammer. They’re in some kinda dilapidated building. Tony asks Jake if Lance is ready and Jake asks him, tells him to knock the sh*t out of him. Archer responds by demolishing a bathroom, shattering porcelain. We then move on to our Buy-In match, which I would hope gets a significant amount of time… Private Party go up against Best Friends with a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line! The two face teams shake hands before the bell.

Best Friends vs. Private Party

Chuck and Kassidy start. Chuck does a little duck walk and Kassidy mocks him by doing it too. Wristlock, Kassidy kips up repeatedly to reverse but Chuckie with a side headlock takeover. Headscissor brushed off, another headlock takeover but now the headscissor works, Chuck escapes to his feet. They slap hands out of respect. Trent and Quen tag in. Trent shoots him off, tries for a go under but Quen surprises him with a footstomp for a 2 count! Trent fights back, Quen tries to springboard in but Trent takes him out of the air with a Northern Lights Suplex! Wicked knife edge chop! Tag to Chuck. Double whip, double back elbow into a double elbow drop! Chuck with a flex. Double back body drop gets blocked, Kassidy comes in too, Chuck and Kassidy both hit Standing Sliced Bread simultaneously, then collide in the middle with clotheslines!

TRENT LOSES HIS HEADBAND! Has to fight without it now. Kassidy and Trent exchange chops, Trent with a back suplex. Chuck gives him his headband back and he puts it back on, thank goodness. A wild and messy Silly String surprises him and Trent is favoring his knee. Kassidy also selling the hip off that landing. No idea if this is legit or not. Kassidy puts him in the corner for a knife edge chop then brings him to the Private Party corner for a tag. Quen kicks him into the corner… QUEN STEALS THE HEADBAND AND PUTS IT ON! Noooo!!

Trent is furious and tries to fight back but Quen takes him down, kicks him out of the ring, tag to Kassidy who pursues him and throws him into the barricade only for Trent to bounce right back with a massive spear! But Quen catches him with a Tope Con Hilo! Quen tags back in, rolls Trent into the ring and goes up top. Chuck comes over but gets kicked off, Trent cuts Quen off. Slowly makes his way up, Quen hits him to the mat but Chuck gets him up on his shoulders! Assisted Superplex! Nearfall. Chuck tags in, body slam, hits the ropes for a pointed elbow, 1 count. Chop in the Best Friends corner, batters him. Pulls Quen out of the corner and hits a snap suplex for a 2 count. Chuck pulls Quen over to the corner and Trent does tag in now, drives Quen into the top turnbuckle. Charging flying back elbow!

Springs off the ropes for a Swinging DDT but Quen tosses him to his feet and nails a dropkick! Rolls over to tag in Kassidy! Ducks a shot, Springboard Hotshot to Chuck, double botos to Trent, thrust kick off the apron to Chuck, enziguri to Trent, Triangle Moonsault to Chuck on the floor and lands on his feet! Back to the apron, Trent tries to block him but Kassidy with a Springboard Swinging Flatliner for a nearfall! Pulls him up, forearms him in the face, tag to Quen. Inverted Atomic Drop/Enziguri/Camel Clutch/Double Footstomp sequence! Quen covers for a nearfall!

Kassidy tags in, Chuck blocks a kick and swings him towards Kassidy but he sends him backwards into Trent only for him to get dumped with a snap Back Suplex! And then another to Quen! Tag to Chuckie T! Private Party double teaming Chuck now though. Chuck evades a corner charge, over head belly to belly to Kassidy into Quen! Tag to Trent, Eat Dafeet/Half-N-Half Suplex combo! And there is the hug and zoom out! Trent gets Quen up for the Strong Zero but Kassidy rushes into the ring for a big enziguri, holds Trent down, Kassidy leaps off of Trent’s back to hit him with a Shooting Star Press! Chuck rushes in but they surprise him with the G9, a nod to Cryme Tyme! Slingblade to Trent, Quen off the top with a big Shooting Star Press!! Chuck pulls him off the cover though, piledriver right onto the floor!! Kassidy rushes over but eats a superkick!

Back into the ring, Trent with a massive clothesline! Trent hoists him up for a piledriver attempt but his ribs are hurting him too much to lift him. Quen with an enziguri to the ribs now! Drives him into the Private Party corner finally working that midsection. Kassidy tags in, dropkicks Chuck off the apron, running enziguri to Trent! Quen takes Trent up, Quen tries Gin & Juice but Chuck takes Kassidy out of the ring to stop it, Trent with a victory roll counter into a nearfall – this leads quickly to Strong Zero and that is that match!

Winners: The Best Friends

Strong match!

Afterwards Tony Schiavone talks to Arn Anderson about the upcoming match between Cody and Lance Archer. Anderson disparages Archer attacking toilets with a sledgehammer, says toilets don’t hit back, Cody does. Starts talking about what-ifs. Jake could DDT Arn, Arn could DDT Jake or Spinebuster Jake! Mike Tyson might decide to knock out the both of them, what are they gonna do about it? Tony says he wouldn’t be able to stop it. Arn says on the outside it’s free reign but the match will be decided on the inside like it should be. Says you might think Cody has no chance but you’d be forgetting about guts and tenacity. Leadership is about pulling that out of you. Cody’s father’s legacy will live on forever but tonight starts Cody’s legacy. He’s gotta win the big one, he says tonight he’s gonna win the big one and Arn has no reason to doubthim.

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