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Braun Strowman & Otis def. John Morrison & The Miz | WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. They announce a mixed tag team match next week, Otis & Mandy Rose vs. Dolph Ziggler & Mandy Rose. Sonya asks what it is that Mandy is good at. It’s not winning or fighting or being a tag team partner, certainly not being a best friend. All she’s good at is being blonde and pretty. And when that’s over where does it get her? Fat and barefoot in a trailer with a bunch of screaming running around. Someone in WWE likes that line a lot suddenly. Sonya demands she go home, put it together, put on her big girl panties and show her why she even deserves to be in the same ring as her. Calls her a bitch and gives a little wink. Otis makes his way out alone for the match with the Miz and John Morrison… but Braun Strowman is here after all! That is indeed our main event.

Otis & Braun Strowman vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Otis is already gyrating as this match begins, he’s starting with John Morrison. Morrison with a side headlock, Otis throws him to the ropes. Morrison evades a corner charge and kicks him in the gut but to no avail. Push kick, Otis just continues gyrating, big clothesline! Pancake! Knocks the Miz off the apron, spinning body slam to John Morrison! Tags in Braun Strowman. Otis wants a double team… a stereo Caterpillar?! They go for it, Braun gives it his best and they hit the double elbow, sending Morrison sprawling to the outside for a commercial break.

As we come back we see Miz thumbing Otis’ eye and hitting a Snap DDT during the break for a nearfall. Now the Miz is working over Otis in the corner with It Kicks. Charges for flying knees, then the Miz Clothesline. Goes up top, flying double axe handle. Miz roars to taunt Braun. Otis on his knees, more It Kicks. The last one nails him right in the head! Nearfall! Front facelock, Otis counters into a suplex and makes the hot tag to Braun! He runs through Miz and Morrison, whips Miz to the corner and splashes him, tosses him with a suplex and roars. Miz bails, Braun pursues with his steamroller charge and plows through Miz, though Morrison did avoid him. Braun throws Miz into the ring, Morrison whisks Miz out of the way of a corner charge and Braun dives into the post! Morrison tags himself in, Flying Chuck! Body shots, charges but Braun turns it into an abrupt Powerslam and there’s the match.

Winner: Braun Strowman & Otis

Kinda thought we were still building to a finish there but nope, just went for the sudden one this time around.

Afterwards, Mandy Rose comes out… Otis acts like he’s about to try for the cash-in but when Braun turns around he claims he was just kidding. They all do celebrate together.

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