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CBS The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – May 21 Throwback Spoilers – Brooke and Nick Marry


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CBS “The Bold and the Beautiful” Spoilers here with another throwback spoilers for “The one, the only Brooke Logan” theme week. As far as Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)’s top moments, this could be a head scratcher for many. While it focuses on one of her fifteen marriages, it’s more than just about her and Nick Marone (Jack Wagner). In fact, there’s so much more going on that we only get a glimpse before we’re forced to move onto the chosen episode to close out the theme week.

Another thing that’s going to stick in the craw of many fans is the fact this is yet another episode from the 2000s. July 7, 2006, to be exact. Fans have been clamoring (CBS “The Bold and the Beautiful” Spoilers have voiced our thoughts many times) since the beginning that we want real classic episodes with the original four. Basically, more from the first few years of the show and throughout the 90s.

Let’s face it, the 5000th episode was awesome and all, but that’s more in line with patronizing than placating, but what can we do? Those episodes don’t fit into the theme idea, so there’s little way for us to relive other moments aside from hopefully finding a site that recapped them if doesn’t stream them.

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, let’s get to the episode at hand, shall we?

Another beachfront wedding

While getting married on or near a beach has become the show’s cliché, they still pull of an amazing job with the imagery and scenery. We’re swept away with Brooke and Nick as they exchange their vows, and then head off in Nick’s boat to enjoy their honeymoon. As the other occasions, this is beautiful and makes us want to be there even if we’re just on the guest list.

Since we’re inviting them into our homes by watching them, we guess we are, aren’t we? We’re good with that.

But as it often the case, there’s an underlying storyline that’s ripe with juicy goodness that we can’t wait to pluck and take a bite of.

This, of course, centers around Brooke’s daughter, Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones), and her undying love for Nick. This is a topic that Nick’s mother, Jackie Marone (Lesley-Anne Down) brings up as she’s concerned Bridget still has feelings for Nick.

We become aware Jackie’s concerns are legitimate despite Bridget appearing happy for her mother and taking part in the wedding. We get the feeling things aren’t over, but that’s where we’ll have to do some digging if we haven’t seen it already.

At least, Brooke kept Nick in the family to make it easier for Bridget?

What are your thoughts? Will Bridget succeed in winning over Nick, or will Brooke prevail? Let us know in the comments and check back with CBS “The Bold and the Beautiful” Spoilers for the latest updates, spoilers, and speculation around.

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