Charlotte Flair the Superstar

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There are a few things changing in the WWE. Some, like the top championships being defended regularly against any contender harkens back to the 80s and 90s when everyone seemingly had a shot at them. Others are defying tried and true labels like being a face or heel. In this instance, Charlotte Flair is a superstar, and that’s the general term she’s being pushed as.

It’s an interesting change of pace as she’s neither good or bad, but fits more in the role of anti-hero as she’ll go after whomever crosses her path and she deems worthy. Of course, even labeling her as an anti-hero isn’t accurate as the WWE prefers superstar.

Another Stone Cold or Rock

It can be argued that she’s another “Stone Cold” Steve Austin type minus the attitude, as that was reserved for Becky Lynch. While that moniker doesn’t seem to be too far from the truth, we feel she’s going to be more along the lines of the Rock.

Like Austin, we didn’t know week to week which direction the Rock would go. Unlike Austin, and unlike Lynch, Flair is awesome at portraying an arrogance that everything is owed to her. Given her lineage, it’s a role that’s tailor made for her. Few have been as awesome as acting privileged like Ric Flair, and we can see his influence in her every movement, every word she speaks.

Charlotte Flair is putting on a clinic on how to portray a persona.

While this is a change of pace for her, it’s not surprising given how her arch rival, Lynch, was given the Austin-like persona. They built her up to be unbeatable and intended for Lynch to break all of the records, that much was obvious. The fact fans had tuned her out didn’t matter.

While Lynch’s persona was going stale, it could be argued that Flair’s was meant to reinvigorate her. After all, many of us still remember the Austin/Rock rivalry as one of the greatest, so it makes sense.

Plans change

Of course, nothing in life can be carved in stone, and since Lynch is going to be our for possibly the next year (I predict shell return at WrestleMania 37), this is the perfect time for the WWE’s best female performer, and one of the best in the company overall, to take the reins and help take the promotion to new heights.

It’s a great chance for her to establish herself as the superstar to set up a potential rivalry down the road when/if Lynch returns. Until then, she’ll continue going from brand to brand (this would also be a great time to do away with the brand separation experiment permanently instead of creating false pretenses to save ratings) and put other wrestlers like Bayley over. She’s a constant threat to show up any and every night and accept any challenge or issue her own.

More than her wrestling ability, we’re getting to see the near limitless charisma of the Flair genes pouring forth, and it should only get more exciting in the coming months.

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