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Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley, Champion vs. Champion Announced For Next Week | WWE SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues and finally, those commercials from last year pay off as the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way out to the ring. Says how could it possibly be that she’s working all three brands? Well the numbers were crunched and the results are in, turns out everyone wants more of Charlotte Flair! She says it’s no surprise that Fox made use of the invitational to bring her to SmackDown, after all she’s tall, blonde, a several time champion and her last name is Flair. Suggests they should have a poster of her up to inspire others. Bayley and Sasha Banks come out to interrupt her.

Bayley remarks that she’d say she’s happy to see her but she’s a role model so she doesn’t lie. Says the people at Fox must have a thing for blondes or maybe they’re like the other sheep who love that she’s Ric Flair’s daughter. Bayley and Sasha start with the woos. Bayley asks when the last time it was that she saw Charlotte Flair? Sasha answers, it was back when Bayley beat her to become a 2-time SmackDown Women’s Champion! Charlotte says the first time Bayley beat her she was unconscious and the second time it took a makeover and a bad haircut to get the job done. Neither of these are particularly good retorts.

Bayley puts over how she’s a woman’s grand slam champion. Tells Charlotte she should stick around NXT or perhaps go back to Raw and beat up Liv Morgan over and over. Says she’s the greatest women’s champion in history because she’s beaten everyone and that includes Charlotte. Actually drops a “BOOM ROASTED” on her. Says she’ll tell Fox it was a great time but why not get out of her ring? Charlotte says some things never change. Sasha made Bayley relevant when she was the NXT Women’s Champion and now she’s the only reason Bayley’s the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Charlotte then addresses Sasha. Says the two of them main evented the first Raw together, the first PPVs together. Puts her over as a six-time champion and future Hall of Famer, the Boss, the Blueprint, the Standard… and yet she’s content standing in Bayley’s corner?

Bayley tells Charlotte to shut the hell up, tells her that she wouldn’t appreciate a friendship like theirs. Charlotte asks the people in the truck to cut off Bayley’s mic so Sasha can talk. Bayley again interjects to keep Sasha from saying anything and demands Charlotte face off with her, champion-to-champion. Charlotte accepts but has one more question and it’s for Sasha, she gets Bayley to get out of the way. Charlotte asks Sasha to think long and hard about whether she’s her own woman or if she’s just Bayley’s lackey and happy being an afterthought. Drops a quiet little ‘woo’ as her theme plays.

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