Christopher Daniels def. Serpentico | AEW Dark Results (5/26/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark rolls on. We’ve got the return of Serpentico, the luchador with the unique mask and fun entrance who fell to Darby Allin last week. This week he’s got Christopher Daniels and once again he fires the confetti from his hands!

Serpentico vs. Christopher Daniels

Lock-up. Daniels with a waistlock, Serpentico reverses into a wristlock. Daniels drop toe holds him, Chris with a side headlock. Pulls him to his feet, working over the right arm. Serpentico wants to grab the rope but he pulls him away. Serpentico rolls through and reverses, hammerlock… Daniels counters with a side headlock takedown, headscissor counter but Daniels kips out of it. Serpentico with a headlock, Chris shoots him off, eats a shoulder block. But he hits a deep arm drag and has the arm isolated. Serpentico escapes with a whip, Daniels with another arm drag, keeping that arm under control.

Serpentico fights up, elbows his way free and hits a flying high knee to the face sending him into the corner! Body shot, Daniels reverses a whip into the corner, floatover from Serpentico, hits the ropes but Daniels gets him with a leg lariat! Shoots him to the ropes, Back Body Drop! Pulls him up, Exploder Suplex! Hooks his arms, Serpentico drives him into the corner, shoulder thrusts! Knife edge chop, drives him into the corner, trip to the mat! Pullover Stomp for a nearfall! Chops him, whips him to the ropes but Daniels counters with a big STO! Combination of jabs, shoots him to the ropes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Signals that it’s time to finish, he plants him with a big uranage and then pops up, nails the BME – Best Moonsault Ever! And that gets the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Daniels has to be proud of the fact that he can not only still nail that BME but that it’s still so impressive looking that they feel the need to replay it from four different angles. It’s some pretty cool stuff, always neat to see him in a singles match honestly.

As for Serpentico, he comes off well enough and I definitely like his look and his entrance. He’s in an enhancement role and ultimately isn’t really trying to get himself over in these matches but what he does tends to look pretty nice. No idea if we’ll be seeing him again but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if we did.

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