Cody def. Lance Archer, Becomes First-Ever TNT Champion | AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 continues. Mike Tyson mikes his way out for the TNT Championship Tournament Final! He’s holding the title which appears to be silver with red trim. It kinda looks like a lucha libre title. Lance Archer on his way out takes a stagehand into the ring and chokeslams him in perfect time with his music. Cody out here too with the first really notable pyro show of the night. Bryce Remsburg wants to give the two of them an opportunity to shake hands to commemorate the opportunity but neither go for it. Also apparently the title is actually unfinished thanks to the pandemic, there will be gold plating as well.

TNT Championship Tournament Final: Cody vs. Lance Archer

Archer hoists Cody up for the immediate Blackout!! Cody rolls to the floor to avoid a pin, Archer pursues and drags him back into the ring! Wants the Claw but Cody blocks, looking for a Triangle Choke! But Archer stands up out of it and stomps him in the face! Cody sidesteps a charge, big chop but Archer doesn’t flinch! Cody ducks a shot, tries one of his own but to no avail. Archer with a heavy forearm! Cody with a grab of the lengthy ponytail, Cody Uppercut, wants the Springboard Cutter but Archer POUNCES him out of the air! Takes him to the floor and Cody is reeling! Archer goes out there, pulling out the padding on the outside but Cody surprises him with a big suicide dive!

Takes him into the crowd area, goes atop a barrier but Archer goozles him!! CHOKESLAM INTO RINGSIDE, YIKES! Archer spooking some of the ladies at ringside as he pulls Cody into the ring. Pineapple Pete does not want any trouble from Lance. Archer rushes into the ring, charges from the opposite corner but Cody with a pump kick, but Archer rebounds for a lariat that flips him inside out! Archer grabs a wrist and batters him around the ring. Old School now! He’s walking the rope… and there’s the big moonsault! Nearfall! Chokes him against the mat for the full 4 count. Mike Tyson seems to be enjoying himself watching this.

Archer chokes Cody in the second rope. Sends him staggering into the corner, meaty overhand chop! Tries for a suplex, Cody reverses, delayed vertical front suplex!! But Cody holding the small of his back now! Takes him to his feet and hooks for another suplex but Archer reverses and sends him flying across the ring! Rips a turnbuckle pad off with the greatest of ease. Archer posing, charges but Cody sends him right into the exposed buckle! Cody with body shots now! Front facelock and driving shots, pulls him over towards the post and twists him around the steel! Cody scales the top rope, Archer blocks him! MILITARY PRESS RIGHT TO THE FLOOR!

Man Cody is taking some big bumps tonight. He hit the cameraman on the way down too, ow! Archer goes out and kicks him in the head! Grinds the boot into his throat as Big Swole gets in Archer’s face! She has to be pulled away as Cody is slipped back into the ring… Archer staring down Arn Anderson. Cody slips back into the ring again, Archer pursues. Wants the Claw but Cody with a side headlock punch, Archer ignores it an plants him with a Uranage for a nearfall!! Mounted punches! Grinds his face into the mat with a hold of his ear. Flips him over, about to cover but instead he grabs the top rope, twisting splash for a nearfall!

Half nelson and crossface, Cody fights up but fades and gets taken back to the mat! Archer clobbering his chest. Cody taken to the outside, he’s staggering. Archer demands he fight, Cody with a few shots and one does seem to have an effect. But Archer fights back and tosses him into the barricade! Kick to the face, Cody firing up! Sends a few hard forearms but just the one response drops him! Archer clawing at the face of Cody as he yells into the camera, “You seeing this?!” he hisses. Rolls back into the ring, gets in the face of the ref as Cody slips back into the ring. Chops him across the chest until Archer knee lifts to block, wants to roll him up but Cody with a Crossface!! Grabs his hair and uses it to pull it over his face, even over his eyes!

Jake Roberts up to the apron to complain and distract the ref! Cody goes over to him, Jake demands Cody punch him… Archer sneaks up behind him but Cody saw it coming and catches him with a DDT! Right in front of Jake’s face! And the Snake is furious! He pulls Archer up but Lance surprises him with a AA Spinebuster!! Arn is grimacing at that one. Archer jawjacks with Arn as he goes to the second rope, Cody cuts him off, Springboard Cutter off the second rope!!! Archer with the immediate kickout just throwing him off though!

Cody throwing hands. Hits the ropes, pump knee to the face! Archer still not laid out yet. Staggers up, Cody with a Dusty Combo! Flip, flop and fly! But Archer bounces back, wants a chokeslam but Cody blocks, Final Reckoning ala Dustin Rhodes!! Slits the throat, looking for Cross-Rhodes! And there it is! But of course it’s a nearfall! Cody with a Stinger Splash! But Archer just absorbs it and chokeslams him for a nearfall! Archer clawing the face of Cody though! Slams his head into the mat repeatedly but Archer has suffered too much damage to keep going himself! Grabs the wrist, clobbers him in the side of the neck! Pulls him up for another round of Old School, walking the top rope… Jake Roberts distracting the ref for some reason, Arn Anderson comes up to the apron to crotch Archer!! Cody up to the second rope… REVERSE SUPERPLEX! Nearly landed him on the top of his head there!

But now out comes Paul Turner to tell the referee about what Arn did! Bryce with the ejection!! Arn is furious and Jake’s just a-laughing… but they eject him as well! Archer with a gigantic German Suplex meanwhile, sends Cody flying! Huge one. Archer looks a little despondant now without Jake… but no, Jake is coming back out with a knapsack! But Iron Mike Tyson gets onto the ramp! Strips off his shirt and he’s stupidly jacked! Jake decides to back off. Tyson turns around and eyes Archer. Lance throws Cody to the ropes, looking for a Blackout! CODY REVERSES INTO THE CROSS-RHODES! PULLS HIM BACK UP FOR THE THIRD! And that is that!!

Winner: Cody

That was pretty much everything I was hoping, actually way less shenanigans than I expected to be frank, just the right amount of outside stuff I’d say.

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