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Dana Brooke def. Naomi | WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. Otis asks Sheamus to be his tag team partner tonight and of course he’s not going to agree to that. He’s concerned about it when Mandy Rose comes up to him and suggests asking Braun Strowman. Otis is excited about that possibility. Gives her a kiss on the cheek on his way off. We see from the Hacker yet again. It appears to be the same vignette as last time although I believe the screens he’s looking at may have been updated. Elsewhere, Otis catches up with Braun and man he looks short next to him. They congratulate each other on their victories at MITB. Otis wonders if Braun would team with him against the Miz and John Morrison. Strowman is suspicious and asks if he’s not just trying to lure him into the ring so he can cash in on him. Otis legitimately didn’t think of that in the slightest and tries to explain. Strowman says he’s won Money In The Bank before himself and he knows the game. But he admires Otis and thinks he has a lot of gumption just for showing up and asking him like this. So he says… he’ll think about it. Back in the ring, out comes Naomi and Dana Brooke for a match.

Naomi vs. Dana Brooke

This is a rematch for the MITB qualifier that Dana won. Lock-up. Naomi with an O’Connor Roll for a 1 count, clothesline, mean dropkick! Stinger Splash hit. Dana reverses a whip, rolls her up for 2. Ducks a roundhouse kick and gets her with a boot to the gut. Handspring Back Elbow hits, whip to the opposite corner, tries a second one but Naomi just gets the boots up and takes her to the mat. Naomi up top for a crossbody, Dana rolls through 1, Naomi rolls through as well for a 2 count. Wants a Wheelbarrow Facebuster but Dana just falls on top of her and surprises her with the flash pin yet again!

Winner: Dana Brooke

Just like last time, Dana climbs onto the second rope and celebrates big, pointing to the announces to make sure they talk it up. And once again Naomi is pouting big, looking all too sad to have lost. I thought we were building to Carmella turning heel on Dana a few weeks ago, now it looks like Naomi is getting there instead. Can’t make any bets on that though.

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